How To Make Your Beauty Room More Relaxing For Lash Extension Treatments

As Lash Artists, we’re often focused on making sure our clients feel relaxed and fabulous, but what about you? It's time to treat your clientsand yourself to some well-deserved relaxation during those eyelash extension appointments. Which is why in this blog we will be exploring how you can embrace self-care without compromising your professionalism. Learn how to take care of you whilst also enhancing your clients’ experience by curating an ambiance that will transform your lash room into a sanctuary of tranquillity. Here's your go-to guide to zen out!

Lash Artist applying eyelash extensions with eyelash tweezers

The Perfect Lash Lamps For Lash Extensions

First things first, let's talk about lighting. Bright fluorescent lights might be great for precise work, but they're not exactly the epitome of relaxation. Consider using an adjustable lash light such as one from our Glamcor range, to provide softer and warmer lighting that still makes the individual lashes perfectly visible for you. A dimmer switch for the main lighting in your beauty room will also be your best friend here – it will allow you to adjust the lighting according to your client's preferences. It’s also important that you create an environment that's soothing for you too, maybe even light a candle that makes you feel like you're in a spa. This vibe is for you just as much as it is for your clients. 

Glamcor lash light for beauty room

Soothing Sounds And Aromatherapy For Your Lash Room

Turn up the zen vibes with some relaxing tunes. Create a soothing playlist that's a blend of calming instrumentals and nature sounds. You could have some gentle rain, chirping birds, or ocean waves in the background. Just make sure it's at a volume that's barely there – an ambient backdrop, not a concert! 

Aromatherapy is an art in itself. Scent has the incredible ability to transport us to a state of relaxation. Infuse your lash room with relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile, or vanilla. Consider using essential oil diffusers or scented candles – but be mindful of allergies. 

Lash supplies in a beauty room

Elegance Meets Comfort

Champion client comfort through thoughtful lash bed choices. Invest in a high-quality and ergonomic beauty bed that will envelop your clients in luxury and provide maximum comfort during their lash extension appointment. Adorn your lash beds with a nice bed cover and throws to keep your clients warm and cosy. It’s also well worth investing in a memory foam lash pillow for your beauty bed, as not only does it supply great support and comfort for your client’s neck and head, but also keeps them in the perfect position for you to apply your lash extensions. Don't neglect your own comfort either! Your posture matters, so ensure that your chair is correctly adjusted to make sure you're sitting comfortably and up-right, and your lash trolley with all the lash supplies you need is within arm's reach to prevent discomfort. Remember, you're in control of your beauty room, so create an environment that supports your well-being. Trust us, when you're seated right, your body feels relaxed, and that radiates into your work. 

Beauty room with beauty bed

Balance Engaging Interactions With The Power Of Silence

As you work your magic on your client's lashes, try to strike a balance between professionalism and personal connection. Engage in mindful conversation, catering to your client's comfort level. Your expertise extends beyond lash extension artistry - share some beauty tips, talk about their day, or just enjoy some light-hearted conversation. Sometimes, a friendly chat can be as relaxing as all the ambiance combined. It’s also important for you to be able to embrace those quiet moments as well to just focus on your craft. While friendly conversation is lovely, don't underestimate the value of silence. Allow yourself to savour the quiet moments. This gives you a chance to regroup, clear your mind, and refocus. 

Lash Artist talking to lash extension client

Thoughtful Touches

Small gestures and personalisation enhances the client experience. Offer your clients a warm herbal tea or infused water as they settle in. Have a basket of magazines or light reading material they can flick through before their appointment. And, of course, don't forget those fluffy blankets we talked about earlier – they're perfect for snuggling up with during the session. 

Herbal tea for eyelash extension clients

Upholding professionalism whilst also fostering tranquillity will set your beauty room apart as a haven of indulgence and rejuvenation. Remember that self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. By prioritising both your clients’ and your own well-being during eyelash extension appointments, you're creating a harmonious environment that benefits both you and your clients. Embrace these self-care practices with confidence, knowing that as you find your own state of relaxation, your clients will feel that serene energy too. Here's to self-care and creating breathtaking lashes!