Introducing InLei® Adiutrix - A REVOLUTION in Lash and Brow Serums!

Lash and brow serums are nothing new, and until now, they’ve all been pretty similar - similar brush, similar ingredients, similar effects. Now though, emerges a challenger! Adiutrix from InLei® is a revolution in lash and brow serums - it took 18 different formulations before the team at InLei® settled on their perfect formulation! Just to get you up to speed on what’s so great about InLei® Adiutrix and to answer your burning questions about lash and brow serums in general, we thought we’d put together a little FAQ style blog post for you. 

Does Eyelash Serum Work?

Traditional eyelash serums work by prolonging the growth cycle of the natural lashes, basically by telling the bulb of the hair that it’s not time to fall out yet. This makes the hairs longer, but doesn’t necessarily make them thicker or stronger. 

Adiutrix Lash and Brow Serum is a bit different to your average eyelash and eyebrow serum in that it contains plant-based ingredients which are specifically added to increase the thickness and overall health of the hair, not just the length - Mung Bean and Red Clover Sprouts Concentrate to rebalance the hair follicle, and Rice Amino Acids and Fermented Date Fruit Extract to add thickness, shine, and a smoother finish to the hairs. 

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Can I Use Serum With Eyelash Extensions?

It’s really better if you don’t - not only can lash serum interrupt the glue’s bond with the natural lashes leading to poor retention, but in altering the growth rate of the hairs it can make how long your lashes last unpredictable, to say the least. Eyelashes typically have a 60-90 day growth cycle from start to finish with each hair being on its own individual cycle, which is why we schedule infill appointments every 3 weeks or so. By prolonging the growth cycle in an unpredictable way, infills can be tricky to plan. Sure, the serum inhibits the hair’s ability to know exactly when it’s time to go, but the lashes can’t grow forever, so at some point they will just come out. You might find then, that you don’t need an infill until five weeks, but then a week later all of your natural lashes will call it quits and you’ll be left with gaps, and baby hairs so teeny tiny that you can’t safely have an infill just yet!

While Adiutrix lash serum doesn’t prolong the lifespan of the hairs and nourishes them from bulb to tip, the use of serum can have an effect on the glue’s bonds by getting in between the glue and the natural lashes - it’s similar to how oil-based products affect the retention. 

Can I use Lash Serum on My Eyebrows?

You can absolutely use InLei®’s Adiutrix serum on your lashes and your brows - it’s been designed to thicken, smooth and nourish both lashes and brows so go right ahead! 

How Do I Apply Eyelash Serum? 

The majority of lash and brow serums on the market come with a little paintbrush style tip which allows you to apply the serum to the root area specifically. InLei® Adiutrix has a mascara style wand which envelopes the entire hair from root to tip. Just wash your face as normal, making sure your brows and lashes are squeaky clean, then apply your Adiutrix to both (apply a second coat if your hairs are quite thick already), let it dry and then you can apply any makeup you want to wear as normal! For best results, use Adiutrix at night too.

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How Long Do Lash Serums Take to Work?

Each lash serum is a little bit different in how long it takes you to see effects. With Adiutrix, the team at InLei® tested the serum for a minimum of 30 days continual use and saw results in that 30 days, though the most prominent results showed after 45 days. Basically, the longer you use Adiutrix, the more luscious your lashes and brows will become!