January 11, 2019 2 min read

You asked for it.. so we delivered! We are super excited to present our long-awaited Lash Filler course! 

Now available at our Manchester and London Training academies! 

Developed together with the original creators of Lash Filler, Inlei, the revolutionary lash lifting treatment is scientifically proven to penetrate and permanently thicken the natural lash hair by 24%!!

So what exactly is lash filler and HOW is it different from a regular LVL? 

Lash filler doesn’t just lift and curl the lash. Inlei Lash Filler is a gentle, non-drying AND non-damaging treatment that influences hair growth by improving hair structure from inside the hair matrix. 

This gives a long-lasting lifting effect to natural lashes whilst also nourishing and thickening thin, damaged and weak eyelashes.

Who is the treatment for? 

Lash Filler treatment is the PERFECT alternative to eyelash extensions.

Perhaps your client has an allergy to products used during the lash extension treatment, Lash Filler would be a great alternative to offer them instead! 

The lash filler treatment is also perfect for clients with eyelashes:

  •  Grow straight or downwards - lash filler helps lift these lashes resulting in perfectly curled and thick lashes!
  • Are disordered and criss-cross naturally - lash filler lifts the lash so lashes are all in one direction.
  • Are dry and brittle - lash filler strengthens the lash by penetrating the lash matrix.
  • Thin eyelashes - Lash filler improves the natural thickness of the lash by up to 24%!
  • Long and rigid eyelashes - lash filler nourishes the natural lash to help them become more manageable and soft
  • Clients who want to take a break from eyelash extensions - lash filler offers the perfect alternative!

What will you learn on the course?

  •  Hair Biochemistry - understanding the science behind lashes!
  •  The chemical process of Lash Filler 
  •  How to use products, tools, and equipment in the lash filler treatment process
  •  Clinical Tests and case studies of Lash Filler treatment and its end results
  •  Treatment procedure - how to complete a lash filler treatment safely and effectively.
  •  Marketing and Business Tools - how to promote lash filler treatment at your salon.

How much is the course? 

InLei Lash Filler Course price is £545 (incl. VAT,  Kit, Certificate, manual and lunch)

After completing the training YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • London Lash Accredited Certificate
  • Beauty Guild 12 CPD points. 
  • 10% FOREVER STUDENT DISCOUNT for London Lash Pro and In Lei products and training courses from London Lash*
  • *Discount is valid only when purchasing London Lash Pro and InLei products. 


If you are interested in booking on to one of our Lash Filler Course dates click here!

For more information check out the video below and give us a follow on our Instagram page - @inlei_uk 




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