What Can Go Wrong with a Lash Lift, and how to Fix It!

If you’re yet to try a Lash Lift treatment yourself, or if you’re still a little bit new to it, chances are you’re yet to see the issues that a lash-lift-gone-wrong can produce. We hope you never see them in real life but in order to prevent a problem, you need to know how that problem occurs! 

Problem 1 - Frizzy Tips

Lash Lift treatments likeInLei® Lash Filler are supposed to nourish the lashes, as well as provide extra curl and lift but one of the most common ‘oh no!’ moments that can come out of a failed lash lift is frizzy, fried lash tips, but how does this happen?

Though this is the most common, it’s super easy to avoid - we just need to not apply any Form 1 or Fix 2 to the tips of the lashes! 

When you apply steps 1 and 2, you’ll want to apply it to only the middle third of the lashes, avoiding the roots and the tips of the lashes. This is the part that we want to make those little changes to the hair’s biochemistry so that the added lift and curl is evident. The tips of the hairs are tapered, meaning that they’re finer than the body of the hair. This means that they process more quickly, which in turn means that they will be damaged in the time that the body of the lash needs to be altered. 

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How can you fix this? Well, with this issue prevention is better than cure - there’s not really anything you can do to save a frazzled set of lashes as anything you do try will more than likely cause further damage. This is one of those cases where you need to wait it out one full lash growth cycle to ensure no further damage is caused to the lashes. 

Problem 2 - Over-curled Lashes

When you’re first starting out with Lash Lifts, it can be really easy to pick the wrong size silicone shield. If this is something you’re struggling with, take a look at this blog post which details how to pick the perfect shields for a flawless Lash Lift every time.

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Now, let’s assume we haven’t over processed the lashes - what can we do to fix this? 

  • Remove as much of the product from the lashes as possible
  • Dispense a little InLei® Form 1 into a dappen dish and dip in two F-Brushes, picking up a little product but not too much.
  • Gently brush through the lashes root to tip. This will re-break the disulfide bonds we’ve just created so that we can reform them into a nicer shape. Brush through a few times until the lashes begin to relax a little. 
  • Use a lip-applicator brush to remove the Form 1 from the lashes.
  • Take two more F-Brushes and dip them now into InLei® Fix 2. Repeat the process of brushing the lashes through - this will reset the disulfide bonds in their new, more relaxed position. 
  • Remove the Fix 2 with lip applicator wands
  • Brush a little InLei® Filler 3 through the lashes as you normally would when finishing up a lash lift. 

If the lashes are overprocessed, there's precious little we can do but wait one full lash growth cycle before we can try again. 

Problem 3 - Flat Lashes

This is arguably one of the more frustrating end results for both you and your clients, and there are a couple of reasons this can happen - you may be surprised to hear that only a small fraction of cases where the lashes look uncurled and barely lifted after a lash lift are due to the products themselves. So, why is it that sometimes when we remove the lashes from the shields they look like we’ve not even begun treatment yet?

The Age of the Products

It’s quite easy to forget exactly when we opened something - we’re working a lot, performing lots of treatments and we simply lose track of time. But before we know it we go to perform a Lash FiIller treatment, only to find that our products are past their best. Hopefully, we’ll notice beforehand (they tend to have a distinct look and an altered smell when they’re off, so we should notice!) but sometimes they look and smell how we expect them to, but are just a little less effective than normal. 

In this case, it’s best to write the date that we opened it on a small piece of tape and stick it to the bottle - all InLei® products have a little ‘open pot’ symbol on them which displays their shelf-life after opening so be sure to use your product within that time, and/or replace it in good time!

If this is a frequent problem for you due to not having quite enough clients to finish up the bottles in good time, consider using sachets instead. Whilst you may be able to get more than 1 treatment's use out of a sachet, we recommend to sticking to 1 sachet per client, to ensure the product is fresh and works perfectly!

Too Much Fixing Gel

Of course we want the lashes to stay in the right place, but using too much InLei® Fixing Gel to stick the lashes to the shields will mean that the products can’t penetrate the hairs and work their magic on the inside. This means that when you come to remove the lashes from the shields, they’ll be largely unaffected by the treatment. 

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This is how lashes should look when lifted onto shields. Lash Filler in progress by the wonderful Karolina Swiderska

Under Processing

This just means you didn’t quite leave the products on for long enough for them to properly work. In this case, schedule another appointment with your client a couple of weeks down the line - it’s better to wait a few weeks rather than go again right away, as you may end up then over processing the lashes, which is worse and far more damaging than under processing! 

Too Large of a Shield Was Used 

This one is a strange one as you may well see some good lift here, but not quite as much curl as you’d like. In this instance, just make a note of which shields were used and revisit your shield selection process on your client’s next appointment.

All things considered, while there are some things that can go a little bit wrong with a Lash Lift, there is so much that can go so right! Introducing InLei® Lash Filler as a treatment in your salon or as part of your treatment list is a sure-fire way to make sure your clients will keep coming back to you for years and years for that gorgeous, effortless lifted lash look. Check out this article beforehand, for our top 3 tips for the perfect Lash Lift.