Dropped Your Lash Tweezers? Don’t Panic! We Have A Solution For You…

We all know how it is – you’ve finally found the best lash tweezers for Volume lashes, and then one day they get knocked off of the lash pillow and fall to the floor. Time never goes quite so slowly as when you’re watching the lash tweezers fall to the floor tips first! But what if we told you that we could take at least some of the stress out of dropping your tweezers for a year at a time? Introducing our Accidental Damage Replacement Policy! Here’s everything you need to know…

How Does it Work?

It couldn’t really be simpler. When purchasing a pair of Volume lash tweezers in your preferred shape, you’ll have the option to add on accidental damage insurance by selecting this from the dropdown menu where you pick the colour/variant of your tweezers. The policy is £9.99 and covers you for any accidental damage within one year of purchase.

a GIF showing the process of adding volume lash tweezers and a cover policy to cart | London Lash

Sounds Easy! How Do You Cash In On It? 

If the unthinkable happens and your eyelash tweezers are dropped or otherwise accidentally damaged, all you need to do is get in touch with our Customer Service team. You’ll need to let them know your order number for your tweezers & policy (note as well that the policy only covers the tweezers that they were purchased with), and send over a few pictures of the damage for us to add to our records.

What Happens Next?

Our Customer Service team will be able to advise you on getting your tweezers back to us so that we can check them over and recycle them, ready to become new lash tools! Once they get to us, our team will check them over to assess the damage, and once everything is confirmed we’ll get a new pair of the same type of eyelash tweezers sent out to you free of charge. You also have the option to upgrade to Next Working Day or Saturday Delivery if you’re in a rush, which will be the normal price of £4.95. 

Hopefully, you won’t have any more mishaps with your replacement eyelash tweezers but if you do, exchanges are unlimited for accidental damage to your lash tweezers for the whole year after your initial purchase! 

a close up photo of the boot of a pair of gold volume lash tweezers gripping a 5D fan | London Lash


Anything Else to Note?

Just a couple of things – while the policy can’t be refunded, there is a 14-day grace period in which you can cancel, though the lash tweezers will need to be sent back to our warehouse within that 14 days. The lash tweezers in this case must be unused and in their original packaging as with any normal return. 

Because of the way we have to process the replacements on our system, we’re not able to merge the eyelash tweezer replacement with any orders you have placed or will be placing around the same time, so they will drive separately, and will have different tracking numbers and information. 

This policy is currently only available alongside our Volume Lash Tweezers. That includes Regular Tip Volume and Fine Tip Volume Tweezers, both as regular lash extension tweezers, and fibre tip tweezers. If you purchase multiple pairs of lash tweezers in a single order, each will need to be purchased with their own policy, as the policy is not transferable to other pairs of eyelash tweezers.

How Else Can You Look After Your Lash Tweezers?

We all know how vital good Volume lash tweezers are when you’re applying your Russian Volume lashes, so it’s really important that you take good care of them. Of course, we’ve all been guilty of dropping our lash tweezers from time to time, hence our commitment to helping you out of a sticky situation. If you don’t take good care of your eyelash tweezers then you’re going to find that you need to buy replacement pairs more often than you should! Well looked after lash tweezers can last you your entire eyelash extension career, from your training in your lash extension course, up until the day you put your lash tweezers away for the last time (we know, we don’t want to think about that day either). 

Tweezer Storage

Invest in something to keep your eyelash tweezers in and you’re likely to have less instances of them being knocked off of things, and they’ll also be far less likely to tarnish after a long time (to really prevent this, ensure that your eyelash tweezers are completely dry before you put them into your tweezer holder). 

You can get a couple of different types of storage from us – one is magnetised and ideal if you're a little short on space, these even come in two sizes so you can get the one which works best for you. If you're always working from the same spot and have a nice big lash trolley, you can get a lash tweezer case which doubles as a lash tweezer stand!

Keep Them Clean

Sometimes, glue gets onto our lash extension tweezers which can affect the grip. Having a bottle of lash glue remover for your eyelash tweezers close by is always a good idea, as it allows you to almost effortlessly clean your tweezer tips both thoroughly and gently. 

For your fibre tip tweezers, be sure to let them soak in the lash glue remover for a little longer so that it can really get into the grooves in the tips before you remove the residue with the foam balls.

That’s everything you need to know! Don’t be afraid to reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions about the policy, or if you’re not sure which eyelash tweezers will suit you best. If you’re not sure exactly what makes our lash extension tweezers so great, check out this blog post for the lowdown!