How to Dip Your Lash Extensions in Eyelash Glue Correctly!

Perfecting your lash glue dipping technique for eyelash extensions might seem like a minor detail, but it's anything but! We often take for granted that dipping an eyelash extension and placing it is a simple task, but in reality, it demands precision and care. Here are our top tips for mastering your glue dipping game to achieve amazing retention for your lash extensions.

The correct eye lash glue dipping technique for natural lash extensions

How To Dispense Your Eyelash Glue Correctly  

Whilst using glue rings for your lash glue may be common practice for some, we’d recommend that you consider switching to a jade stone for several reasons:

Sustainability: Using a jade stone for your eyelash extension glue generates less waste compared to disposable glue rings, reducing single-use plastic waste.

Safety: A jade stone keeps the lash glue fumes away from both you and your clients’ airways for a safer and more comfortable treatment.

Temperature and Humidity Control: Maintaining optimal conditions for your eyelash glue is easier with a jade stone. It avoids exposure to excessive warmth since the lash glue is kept away from your skin and the increased humidity from being in close proximity to your face when breathing. 

Eye lash glue drop dispensed on a jade stone with a lash glue sticker

Efficiency: Despite requiring more frequent drops every 10-20 minutes during a lash treatment, using a jade stone actually results in less consumption of your eyelash extension glue. It also allows better control over the amount of eyelash glue you dispense, meaning you’ll get better use out of it in the long run and more long-term value for your money.

Fresher Lash Glue: Letting gravity do the work and dispensing your lash glue drop by drop onto a jade stone keeps the eyelash extension glue in the bottle fresher for longer. Whereas squeezing it onto a glue ring can pull air into the bottle, exposing the eyelash glue to unnecessary humidity, and as a result, the adhesive inside the bottle is at risk of shock polymerisation!

Precision: Additionally, using a jade stone offers better control when dipping your eyelash extensions as it makes it easier to observe your lash glue drop, preventing you from overloading the lash extensions with eyelash glue. Avoiding excess eyelash extension glue on your lashes will ensure that your Volume lash fans don’t close prematurely and help keep your lash tweezers clean, as they won't come into contact with the eyelash glue. 

Tweezers dipping an eyelash extension in eye lash glue on a jade stone

London Lash Top Tip: Instead of using micropore tape on your jade stone, which can tear around the eyelash glue, try using a sticker instead. They just peel right off and make cleanup a breeze!

Where Should You Dip Your Eyelash Extensions?

While dipping your lash extensions into eyelash glue is obvious, the key to a successful dip is to target the centre of the lash glue drop rather than the edges. The eyelash extension glue near the edges of the drop cures faster than the middle, giving you less time to attach the lash extensions to the natural lashes effectively as the eyelash extension glue will already have begun to polymerise. 

lash tweezers dipping an eyelash extension into eye lash glue on a jade stone

How Much Of The Eyelash Extension Should You Dip?

The depth that you dip your lash extensions will depend on their length, but generally, aim to dip your eyelash extensions about 2mm into the lash glue to ensure a secure attachment area between the lash extensions and natural lashes. When working with shorter lashes, especially those between 4 - 7mm used in Volume lash fans, be cautious not to dip the lashes too deeply, as it may cause the fan to close. 

How Much Eyelash Glue Do You Need?

Achieving the right amount of lash glue at the base of your eyelash extensions is crucial. Too little, and it may compromise the retention of the lashes, while an excessive amount of eyelash glue can lead to a messy set of lash extensions with stickies. Aim for a small drop, known as a microdrop, by dipping the eyelash extension into the lash glue drop and promptly pulling it out. Avoid scooping the eyelash extension glue, as it will produce a larger drop. It’s also important to pay attention to your dipping speed as this, too, can have an impact on the amount of eyelash glue applied to the lashes. A slower dip will result in a smaller amount of lash glue being picked up by the eyelash extension, while a quicker withdrawal will yield more eyelash glue. This is one of the reasons why your dipping technique is so important and requires attention!

Tweezers dipping an eyelash extension in eye lash glue on a jade stone

What Should You Do If You Have Too Much Eyelash Glue?

It's vital that you never wipe off excess lash glue from your eyelash extensions. Lash Techs often wipe excess eyelash extension glue on the under eye patches, exposing clients to more fumes from the adhesive and increasing their risk of developing chemical burns. Regardless of where you wipe it, as soon as eyelash glue touches any surface, it begins to polymerise, so it’s never a good idea. Wiping off excess eyelash extension glue causes the adhesive on the lash extensions to cure prematurely, weakening the bonds between the eyelash extensions and natural lashes and resulting in poor retention. Instead of wiping, dip the eyelash extension back into the lash glue drop and slowly withdraw it to obtain a smaller drop of adhesive.


There you have it, your complete guide to mastering the art of the perfect lash glue dip for your eyelash extensions. Now that you're a pro at it, you’ll need to ensure that the placement of your lash extensions is flawless if you want to create comfortable and fabulous lash looks for your clients with amazing retention!