Introducing M-Curl Eyelash Extensions

As we always aim to exceed your expectations, London Lash Pro is proud to announce that we’ve launched the Mayfair Mink M Curl. The M Curl lashes are a stronger curl than the L Curl and it helps to make your client's eye more vivid and defined. In fact, the curl is as strong as D Curl but is the perfect alternative to cover the iris of the eye, whilst it has a shorter adherent surface to ensure the curl starts from the root of the lash.

M-Curl eyelash extensions

Work by Wiktoria Drozdzynska

We believe that the M Curl lashes are ideal for Cat or Fox lash styles as the shorter base allows to place even longer lashes in the outer corner without the fear of making the eye droopy. The unique shape helps to lift even the very straightest of lashes and with the Cat or Fox lash styles, the M Curl accentuates and lifts the outer corners for a very fierce and defined look. Why not check out this blog post on how to create the perfect Cat Eye eyelash extensions?

The M curl allows you to create a beautiful eyeliner effect too, all while covering more imperfections than regular C or CC Curl lashes so why not give it a go, try the new curl and offer your client a variety of styles and looks?