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November 14, 2019 1 min read

Coloured lashes are BEAUTIFUL and often don't get the recognition they deserve! Why not encourage your clients to go for a more colourful lash look this festive period!

Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to incorporate coloured lashes into your treatment!

^ Photo Credit @matusevichlash

1. Clear Glue is the best friend for coloured lashes 🥰To create a bright and colourful look that truly pops - use a clear adhesive! Our crystal bond adhesive is the perfect choice for this! 😉


^ Photo Credit @anastasia_londonlashpro

2. Use a Black adhesive to create a more defined eyeliner effect! ♥️


^ Photo Credit @victoriya_yurlova


3. Use lashes that compliment your client's eye colour! For example, if your client has blue eyes, subtly place a few blue lashes in the outer corners of the lash line. This placement trick cleverly opens up your client's eyes and makes them appear bigger and brighter. 🤩

4. Place coloured lashes on different layers to create different effects! 🤓

^ Photo Credit @matusevichlash

Placing coloured lashes on the bottom layer of natural lashes will create a dramatic and noticeable coloured lash look 🎉

^ Photo Credit @love_lashes_limerick

Placing coloured lashes on the middle layer will create a soft colour effect. ❤

^Photo Credit @anastasia_londonlashpro

Placing lashes on the top lash line create a subtle look that is only visible when the eyes are closed 😇

5. Mix black lashes in with coloured lashes to create a more subtle, wearable everyday look! 💃

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