Our Top 5 Tips for Working with Coloured Eyelash Extensions

Coloured lashes are BEAUTIFUL and often don't get the recognition they deserve! Why not encourage your clients to go for a more colourful lash look this festive period!

Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to incorporate coloured lashes into your treatment!


Use Clear Glue

Clear Glue is the best friend for coloured lashes! To create a bright and colourful look that truly pops - use a clear adhesive! This way the bonding won’t be visible, which is especially helpful when using bright colours. Don’t have a clear glue? We got you covered! Our Crystal Bond adhesive is the perfect choice for this!


Photo credit @matusevichlash



Create an Eyeliner Effect

Use a black adhesive to create a more defined eyeliner effect! When working with darker coloured lashes, for example dark blue or brown - try using black glue. You will be surprised how easily you can achieve an eyeliner effect this way!

P.S. Make sure your glue application is spot on, as it will be more visible with coloured lashes!



Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert


Mix and Match

Use lashes that complement your client's eye colour! For example, if your client has blue eyes, place a few blue lashes in the outer corners of the lash line to make the blue really stand out. This placement trick cleverly opens up your client's eyes and makes them appear bigger and brighter. If your client has green eyes? Add a hint of green lashes at the bottom layer of natural lashes for an extra spark of colour! Don't be afraid to use clashing colours too, to really turn heads! If your client has blue eyes, throw in some warming orange lashes, or for those brown-eyed babes, grab some hot pinks!

 Photo credit @paulina_londonlashpro


Play with Layers

Place coloured lashes on different layers to create different effects! If you place coloured lashes on the top layer - it will give a soft hint of colour - mostly visible when your client blinks/closes their eyes.


Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert


Placing lashes on the middle layer is far more subtle - just a hint of something exciting going on in amongst the black lashes! 

 Photo credit @victoria_teshi_beauty

Applying coloured lashes to the bottom layer makes them the most visible and hypnotising!

Photo credit @matusevichlash


Combine Colours

Mix black lashes in with coloured lashes to create a more subtle, wearable everyday look or really go for it and use coloured lashes only for the perfect holiday look! This incredible look (on London Lash Affiliate Trainer Shareen Nesbeth, no less) uses electric blue with some striking violet lashes!


Photo credit @anastasia_lashexpert


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