Premade Lash Fans Are BACK! Here's What You Need To Know...

That’s right - Premade Fans are BACK! Our specially created London Lash Premade Fans are a little bit different to the ones we used to sell though, so we thought we’d take a moment to introduce these to you, to help you get familiar with our biggest launch of premades ever. 

What Are Premade Fans Made Of?

Our new Premade Fans are made of the same fibre as our Faux Mink Mayfair lashes, so the chances are that they’ll already feel very familiar to you. 

To give you a better idea of the fibre if you haven’t used our Mayfair lashes before, they’re made from a vegan friendly fibre called PBT which is super durable, water resistant and heat resistant. This means that no matter what, the Premade Fans will hold their shape and curl, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

How Are Premade Fans Made If Not Hand Crafted?

Our Premade Fans are still made by hand. We’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing supplier who is happy to work alongside our product development team in order to create the best possible lash fans. Because these fans are made by hand, they have the super slim, pinched bases that you’d get when making your own lash fans, meaning there is less chance of stickies occurring from wider fan bases, and a lovely sleek finish.

Lash Set Created Using Premade Lash Fans

What Is So Good About Them?

Almost everything! They look indistinguishable from handmade fans you’d usually make yourself, they speed up your work as it saves you time from hand crafting, they’re safe to use for all of your clients as they're hypoallergenic just like the rest of our lashes AND you can even charge more per lash set when you use them.

The only downside is that the cost per fan is slightly higher for Premades than it is for handmade, but when you can fit in more clients and charge a little bit more, that hardly feels like a factor. After all, we wanted to create a product designed to save you time without compromising on the quality of the extensions and your work.

How Do You Use Them? 

You can use them in exactly the same way as you’d use any other lashes - like any volume fan, you’ll find it easiest to use your Volume Tweezers, and you’ll attach them to the natural lashes in the exact same way and you’d dip them in your Glue the exact same way. 

You may have noticed that the way these fans sit on the strips is a little bit different - this is due to the slim fan leg - which means that you pick them up in a slightly different way to how you’d pick up our old Premade Fans, or the way that you pick up your own hand made fans.

  • Pick up the fans from the base and put them back down on the strip a little flatter 
  • Pick the fan back up from the middle of the body like you’d pick up a handmade fan
  • Dip the fan in adhesive as normal and place it on the lash.
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What Eyelash Glue Should You Use With Premade Fans? 

You can use any glue you like with these fans, so keep using your favourite. Keep in mind that with these being a little bit faster to place than handmade fans, you may need a slightly faster glue if that's what you're accustomed to, but see how you get on before you try to find the next fastest glue and end up giving yourself all sorts of retention issues with a loss in investment.

Mayfair Premade Lash Fans in 3D

If you don’t yet have a favourite glue, try taking our simple but effective glue quiz for some suggestions about which glue(s) might suit you best!