July 05, 2019 2 min read

We have all been there. Setting up your own salon is exciting and daunting all at the same time!

Once you have set up your salon, you then have to think of the best way to market your salon to make YOU stand out from your competitors.

CEO and founder of London Lash, Hanna Putjato, shares her Top 5 Salon Marketing Tips below!


Tip 1

Think of which treatment is your favourite. Consider what brings you the most profit and which you’d like to concentrate on. Try to narrow down to 1 particular treatment/lash look

Tip 2

Imagine the client who will potentially be interested in your favourite treatment. How old is she/he? What’s her/his job? What’s her/his family situation? Where does she/he live?

Tip 3

Think of how this client will be looking for a beauty salon/beautician - Google search, Instagram hashtags, Facebook pages, etc. 

Tip 4

Think of your presence on these platforms.  Do you have a Google business presence? Do you have an Instagram account? Do you have a Facebook page? 

Tip 5

Look at your website/page/account through the eyes of your client. Does the information you provide appeal to you? Are you interested in your own posts? 


For example, your favourite treatment is the Natural Classic lash set. Let’s imagine that the ideal client will be a 50 year old woman, who lives in central London and has a self-employment coaching/mentoring business. She has a good level of income AND she is flexible with her time - so she can come to your appointments at ANY time. She’d never miss her appointments and always gives you tips. 

She is your PERFECT client

Where do you think she’d look for eyelash extensions treatment? Most probably she’ll search on Google  and she’ll definitely check your reviews. More likely she won’t use Instagram or Facebook to look for lash salons, but she might check your Facebook page for reviews.


Your primary goal is to ensure that you have: 

✅ presence on the platforms where she might be searching for you (website, google page, and Facebook)

✅ information which will potentially turn her into a customer - professional photos of the salon, before and after treatment photos, detailed and structured treatment/payment/booking description and of course positive reviews. 

✅You might also consider a Natural Set promotion for first-time clients. It will help you to build your ideal clientele much faster 

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