Spring-Themed Nail Art Designs For Nail Technicians

Spring is here, and with it arrives a fresh palette of nail trends that promise to rejuvenate any look. This season, we're witnessing a delightful variety of styles, from the sleek sophistication of minimalist designs to the vibrant burst of strawberry nails, there’s plenty to get excited about. As a Nail Technician, tapping into these trends could not only draw more clients to your salon, but also distinguish your offerings. So here are the top eight nail trends for Spring 2024 that are popular right now and your clients will be asking for!

Close-up of nude pink gel nail manicure

1. Chrome Nails

While not new, chrome nails are back with a vengeance! They’ve been revamped with a stunning finish that's capturing everyone’s attention. This season is all about the subtle glamour of nude chrome, the freshness of pastel chrome, and bold silver chrome for those who wish to make a statement. Keep your eyes peeled for lavender chrome nails—they're a hit on social media right now, reminiscent of the early 2000s ‘frost’ nail era but with a modern, colourful twist. These reflective finishes bring a futuristic touch to the classic Spring palette. 

Spring-themed chrome gel nails

Spring-Themed Chrome Nails by the Talented @amberjhnails

2. Floral Nail Art

Nothing says spring like florals, and in 2024, floral nail art is in full bloom. This trend is flourishing with everything from detailed, hand-painted flowers to bold, abstract acrylic 3D floral designs. Whether your clients want something understated or dramatic, floral nails are a beautiful way to add a natural touch to their look. 

Spring floral nail art by Nail Technician

Spring Floral Nails by the Talented @natalie_thedollshouse

3. Colourful French Tips

The classic French tip is getting a fun and colourful update this season. Moving away from traditional white, now’s the time to experiment with a palette of bright hues and update the French tip with vibrant, eye-catching colours. This trend allows for a playful yet sophisticated way to incorporate the lively colours of Spring into your nail designs, be it pastel yellows, purples, or greens.

Colourful french tip manicure gel nails

Pink French Tip Nails by the Talented @hannahs.nails1

4. Jelly Nails

Are you ready for this jelly? Jelly nails are back and they're better than ever, with their translucent, candy-like look perfect for spring. Created with builder gel or rubber bases, these nails can be customised with any spring hue, from delicate pastels to bold, vivid colours, creating a style that's as fun as it is stylish. Their sheer, jelly-like appearance is particularly popular with Gen Z and Millennials for its “squishy aesthetic.”

Spring coloured jelly nails

Cute Jelly Nails by the Talented @nailsbymh

5. 3D Nail Designs

The rise of 3D nail designs continues in Spring 2024. Nail Technicians are crafting everything from acrylic flowers to inventive free-hand swirls using 3D gel. These designs bring depth and creativity to any nail set, perfect for clients wanting to add a dynamic and artistic touch to their Spring look. Whether it’s a single accent nail or a full set of sculptural art, 3D designs are sure to catch eyes this season!

3D gel nails by Nail Technician

3D Mermaid Nails by Our Miss Dolla Ambassador @kovalenko_nails

6. Minimalistic Manis

Minimalism continues to be a major trend, even in nail art. This Spring, it's all about elegant, understated designs. Picture nails decorated with subtle dotwork, line-work, or simple hand-painted designs. These styles demonstrate that sometimes, less truly is more, offering a polished and sophisticated choice for clients who prefer a more subtle look.

Nude pink gel nails

A Minimalistic Manicure by Our Miss Dolla Ambassador @kovalenko_nails

7. Strawberry Nails

Following the buzz of the strawberry makeup trend, strawberry nails are the next big thing! This delightful trend captures the essence of Spring with adorable berry-inspired designs, from tiny decals to hand-painted strawberries. It’s a sweet, playful look that’s bound to charm your clients.

Strawberry themed nail art by Nail Technician

Strawberry Nail Art by the Talented @katiedidmynails.ut

8. Pink And Red Nails

Even though Valentine's Day has passed, the allure of pink and red nails endures. This trend spans the entire spectrum of these gorgeous hues, from gentle blushes to bold crimsons. Whether mixed in an ombre effect, adorned with funky 70s swirls, or showcased in simple, solid colours, these shades are sure to add a warm and vibrant flair to any style.

Pink and red gel nails by Nail Technician

Pink & Red Abstract Nails by the Talented @charsgelnails_


This Spring, embrace exciting nail trends and let your creativity flourish! From shiny chrome to cute strawberries, there’s something to suit every client’s taste. Plus, with these trending nail art designs on your Instagram, it will definitely make your feed stand out. So, grab your tools and get ready to let your creativity flourish this season!