Lash Extension Mapping Inspiration to Celebrate Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! If there was ever a good excuse to wear your brightest coloured outfits and dust on some glitter, it’s Pride Month! Here at London Lash, we strive to promote and advocate for inclusivity, and celebrate the equality and visibility of the LGBT+ community. So would you like to know a cute way you can help your clients to celebrate this Pride Month? With coloured lash extensions, your clients will be able to take pride in their lashes everyday! Coloured eyelash extensions are a fun way to introduce a pop of colour into your client’s daily lash look, and are perfect for those who want to stand out and embrace being bold. We've listed a few lash mapping ideas for some inspo to create gorgeous coloured lash sets for Pride!

Pride parade for pride month

What Are Coloured Eyelash Extensions?

Coloured lashes are beautifully vibrant, and striking lash extensions with bright pigments that can be used to create eye-catching lash sets. We know many Lash Techs tend to shy away from using coloured lash extensions, as they may be under the impression that there simply isn’t enough demand to make it worth investing in adding coloured lashes to their stock. But, we’re here to reassure you that this couldn’t be more wrong! Multicoloured lash sets are an absolute must-have treatment to offer your clients, especially in the summer months with this being the most popular time of year for parades, festivals, and concerts! There are plenty of clients out there who are dying to spice up their lash sets with some colour, it’s usually the case of there being a lack of Lash Techs out there who offer this kind of treatment. Don’t deny your clients the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and vibrant way. We can all agree that coloured eyelash extension sets are incredible to look at, and an even more exciting opportunity to get creative with your mapping. 

Close-up of coloured eyelash extensions

You Can Mix and Match! 

The combinations you can use to add a pop of colour to create a beautiful set of lashes are endless! For those clients who want to introduce a more subtle hint of colour to their lashes, you can mix black lashes in with coloured lashes to create a more understated, everyday look, or you could use coloured lashes that will complement your client’s natural eye colour. For example, if your client has blue eyes, placing some blue lashes in the outer corners of the lash line will make the blue of their eyes really stand out. This placement is also a clever trick for helping to open up your client's eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter. To truly celebrate this month, you could even create a full rainbow set for those bold enough, or add a personal touch to individual sets of lashes using colours that follow the themes of the different pride flags. No matter what colour combination your client chooses, we offer an array of stunning Synthetic Coloured Lashes in a variety of thicknesses and curls. We have so many options for your clients to choose from, they’ll be spoilt for choice!

Close-up of coloured eyelash extensions

How Do You Map Coloured Eyelash Extensions?

There are countless ways for you to map out your coloured lash sets. Your creativity will know no bounds! To get you started, we’ve provided some lash maps that we think could be the most fun and complimentary styles for your clients’ lashes.  

A Pop of Colour

This style of lashes are excellent for those clients who are a bit wary of having coloured eyelash extensions for the first time, but still think they’re beautiful and want to try them out anyway. Using this method to apply coloured lashes also means you can easily tailor the lashes to be as subtle or bold as your client would like. In order for you to create this look, you’ll need to apply the coloured lash extensions near the outer corner of the eye. To help prevent any gaps from appearing in your set when using a lighter colour, we recommend applying the coloured lashes in front of the darker lashes to make them stand out. Add your darker lashes to the top, or middle layer of the natural lashes, and this will make the coloured lashes really pop!

Map for coloured lash extensions

Subtle Top Line

Applying the colored lashes to only the top layer of natural lashes, is a fun way to create a vibrant set of lashes that really stand out when your client closes their eyes. With this map style, you can also vary how bold the set will look by experimenting with the use of different lash extension lengths at different lash layers. Placing the coloured lash extensions on the top layer of lashes will provide a softer hint of colour that is quite visible when your client blinks or closes their eyes. However, applying coloured lashes to the bottom lash layer will make them more visible and eye-catching! When it comes to eyelash extension lengths, using coloured lashes that are a similar length to the layers of your clients natural lashes, will create a more subtle accent of colour only visible at the tips of the lashes. Whereas if you were to use safe but noticeably longer, coloured eyelash extensions, the pigments of the coloured lashes will be much more visible against the darker naturally coloured lashes.   

Map for colourful eyelash extensions

Intermittent Spikes

An excellent way to incorporate a flare of colour into a trendy set of wispy lashes, is to use vibrant and colourful intermittent lash spikes throughout the set. This method could also be applied to both Classic lashes and Russian Volume lashes as well! Our range of coloured lashes include 0.15 lashes which are perfect for adding some colour to Classic sets, and 0.07 lashes to create gorgeous Volume fans up to 5D. 

Once you have mapped your client’s lashes in a style that will best suit their appearance and enhance their features, you can then add those intermittent lash spikes at regular intervals to create an even looking lash line. Adding the spikes to both your client’s upper and lower lashes will help to prevent any visible gaps when your client’s lashes naturally shed. Doing so will help those beautifully bold lashes to look their best for as long as possible!

Map for coloured lashes

We hope you have found our recommendations for lash mapping styles for coloured lash extensions helpful, and a fun place to start. We really meant it when we said earlier that the creativity and colour combinations are endless! If you want more information about how to work with coloured lash extensions, then you can check out our blog post for our top tips! And you can check out this blog post if you’d like to learn more about how you can support your LGBT+ clients.