The 4 Emails You *Have* To Start Sending To Your lash Clients... SPOILER - You Don’t Need Some Fancy Email Software To Do This! 

REMEMBER! It is important to make sure that you capture clients email addresses in line with GDPR regulations. If you use an online booking system double check that your client has agreed to be contacted for marketing purposes.

TOP TIP! If emails aren’t your thing - why not send a text instead? 

  • How many of you already send emails?⁠
  • How many of you WANT to send emails but don’t know how?
  • If you don’t send your clients emails then you are missing out. FACT.
  • Missing out on building a relationship with your client between appointments. 

Emails offer the perfect opportunity to check in after the appointment and ask your client for feedback. The opportunity to keep in touch and share what’s new with your business, and also spread the news about special discounts and offers.⁠

If you want to turn one-time clients into long-term clients,  you have to get into their inbox! ⁠Your emails don’t have to be professionally designed and picture perfect! A simple personalised message doesn’t go unnoticed and it is a great way to make your clients feel special and keep them returning! 

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Emails for birthdays / anniversaries etc.

Show your clients you care and that you pay attention to the small details! Emails on their Birthday simply wishing them well or an email notifying them of appointment milestones, i.e “Congratulations! This is your 100th Appointment, here is 10% off to celebrate!”  are always a great way to set you aside from other lash techs and keep your clients returning.


Follow-up emails after their appointment, asking for feedback, with a link to review you.⁠

How many of you follow up after an appointment? If you don’t, how do you know if your client was happy or not? Maybe the client was too shy to tell you feedback to your face - good or bad! Sending an email allows you to capture this data. Bad feedback? No problem you have a chance to put it right! Good feedback? Amazing!Ask your client to leave you a google review! The more high star reviews you have, the more Google will recognise you as a reputable business and  rank you higher on the search page which in turn will lead to more clients!


Offer emails 

Offer emails are a great opportunity to get clients booked in during quieter periods. Reach out to clients with personalised offers or special deals to try and drum up some business! Why not run a referral offer through email? For example “Refer a friend to get 20% off your next set of lashes!” The perfect way to get more clients and keep your current client base loyal and returning!


"I Miss You" 

Why not let those clients you haven’t heard from in a while know how much you miss them? Send an email to those clients who haven't returned to you in 6 months to a year. ⁠You never know you may just get some old faces back in the books!