The Science Behind Classic Lashes

As a Lash Technician, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick out the right Eyelash Extensions for Classic Lashes - couple that with the fact that there is so much information out there about what you should use and some of this information is rather outdated, which could potentially lead to lash damage if used improperly. Luckily for all Lash Artists out there, we’re here to help keep you all up to date.

Chelsea and Mayfair Eyelash Extensions from London Lash ProWhat Do We Mean by Correct Application? 

Each individual eyelash for Classic Lashes should be isolated before an extension is placed on it, so you’ll need a good pair of Isolation Tweezers as an important step towards good application. Every single eyelash is growing, so if you have two lashes stuck together, this can lead to permanent follicle damage, these are called 'Stickies' and you can read more about this potential issue, here

Correct Lash Isolation for ExtensionsProper application also refers to the amount of Lash Glue used for much the same reason as the above - too much glue = stickies in your set. If you find that you have too much adhesive on an extension, simply dip it slowly back into the glue drop and pull it back out slowly. If your glue is stringy, it’s time to replace the drop as your glue is not working as it should. Make sure to monitor your room conditions using a Digital Hygrometer and humidity so that your glue works in the optimum room conditions needed.

If you find that you’re having to hold the extension on the lash for a long time or you’re ending up with lots of stickies at the end of your treatment, it might be time to look for a faster drying glue, but check first that your humidity isn’t very low, as this is a very easy fix! 

Which Lashes Should You Use for Classic Lash Extensions?

There are lots of thicknesses for a reason - different clients have different needs! Let’s have a closer look at which thicknesses are available for classic eyelash extensions, and which are best to use.

0.10 will give a very natural look and will be safe for everyone’s lashes without weighing them down. These lashes can also be used for 2D volume, which means that this thickness lends itself well to Hybrid extensions as well as Classics.

0.12 & 0.15 will each give you more of a mascara effect, it adds bulk without being super dramatic, turns heads without being super obvious and just gives your client a little je ne sais quoi.

0.18 classic lashes are really the thickest you should go for in order to ensure lash safety for the majority of clients. These lashes tend to give a very natural and yet clear accentuating effect when the lash set is complete.

0.20 are available in regular classic lashes, we’d advise that you ONLY use them for clients with very thick, strong natural lashes in order to prevent damage. Better yet, opt for these thicknesses in Flat Lashes, as these give you all the drama but only weigh around half as much as a regular classic lash!

Classic Lash Set on ModelFor a list of our favourite products for classic eyelash extensions,check out this blog post.