How To Create The Perfect Set Of Angel Lashes

Angel lashes have become increasingly popular in the eyelash extension world as the perfect combination of Classic lashes and Volume lashes. This style of lash extensions have quickly become a big hit with clients who are a fan of gorgeous wispy sets of lashes. So if you’re looking to expand your lashing repertoire and would like to create your own sets of Angel lashes for your clients, then read on to find out more about what Angel lashes are and how to create the perfect set! 

What Are Angel Lashes?

With many clients requesting more natural looking lashes that still give them some volume, Angel lashes are the perfect solution and are very on trend. To create a set of Angel Lashes, you’ll be using a technique similar to what you’d use when creating a set of Wet Look lashes, however the lash fans and spikes used for a set of Angel lashes will be a wispy version of that style. Angel lashes can be incorporated into pretty much any of the lash mapping styles your client desires because these lash extensions will help to enhance your client’s natural beauty, emphasise their eyes, and complement their face shape. The lash extensions that are used to create a set of Angel lashes are more lightweight than what you would use to create a set of Classic lashes. The desired appearance for Angel lashes is softer, lighter and more wispy lash look. For those clients who would like a more bold and dramatic look for their lashes this can also be achieved by using the Angel lashes technique, however this style of lashes is more commonly known as Manga lashes. A set of Angel lashes usually requires approximately four to five lash extensions on each individual lash. They tend to last longer than a Classic lashes set, meaning they’re an excellent style of eyelash extensions for your clients who have a quicker natural growth cycle.

Close-up of Angel lashes set of eyelash extensions

What Eyelash Extensions Are Used For Angel Lashes?

As we mentioned previously, the process for creating a set of Angel Lashes is similar to a Wet Look set of lashes, but we’re aiming for a light and natural wispy texture for the lash spikes. So the ideal eyelash extensions to achieve this are our Volume Mayfair 0.07 lashes to create gorgeous 2D fans. For your clients who may have more sparse natural eyelashes, but they’ve fallen in love with the wispy look of Angel lashes, then you can include some more open fans to fill in any gaps between the natural lashes as well as helping to further accentuate the texture from the lash spikes you’ve used. If this is the case, then we would suggest here that you can use at a maximum, our Mega Volume Mayfair 0.05 lashes to create 3D volume fans will still provide the light and wispy lash look you’re going for, whilst also helping to remedy the sparseness of your client’s natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions for Russian Volume lashes

Who Would Suit Angel Lashes?

Similar to a set of Squirrel lashes, Angel lashes are also quite a versatile style of lash extensions. This style of lashes can cater to many clients as they create the illusion of a set of Classic lashes but with a touch of wispy Volume lashes since we will be adding more lash extensions to the natural eyelashes. Specific examples of clients we believe would definitely suit this style of lash extensions are those with round, narrow, or almond shaped eyes that are a relatively proportional distance apart from each other. Whilst the Angel lashes technique can be used to create a range of lash extension styles ranging from Dolly lashes to Cat Eye lashes to suit a wide range of clients, we would still suggest that you avoid using this style of lashes for clients with wide-set eyes as these wispy eyelash extensions can give the appearance that their eyes are even further apart. 

Eyelash extension guide for Russian Volume lashes

Lash Mapping For A Set Of Angel Lashes

To create a gorgeous set of Angel lashes you’ll need to build them up by creating an uneven top layer of lashes. We know this may seem a bit unconventional and goes against all of your Lash Tech instincts to try to keep everything looking even, but you’ll need to trust us because the end results will be worth it! For this heavenly set of lashes, we recommend that you use lash extensions like our Mayfair or Chelsea lashes in lengths of 7 mm up to 10 mm, with eye-catching spikes for a textured wispy look. In order to create the texture required for the bottom and middle layers of lashes, we would suggest that you use 8 mm lashes for the bottom layer, 9 mm lashes for the middle layer, and for a wispy top layer, to use 10 mm lashes. 

To create the lash spikes you need to complete this lash look, you should use lashes in a diameter of 0.05 - 0.07 to form wispy 2D lash fans. Apply some lash Primer to a microfibre eyelash brush and make sure you are dabbing away any excess. Brush through the tops of your lash extensions whilst they are still on the lash strip to keep the tips together and create the closed fans (spikes) we’re aiming for. One thing to keep in mind when you are applying the Primer to the tips of the eyelash extensions is if you over saturate the lash strip all the way to the base, it will have an impact on the drying time of your lash glue. This can throw your timings off during the treatment with the possibility of retention issues for the lash extensions.

Lash mapping for Angel lashes eyelash extensions

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Angel lashes -  from what they are, who they’re for, and how to create your very own gorgeous set of lashes. If you fancy levelling up your Angel lashes further, why not try adding a pop of colour into your sets with some silver and light blue coloured eyelash extensions for an angelic accent?