Lash Mapping Guide: What Is A Half Set Of Lashes? 

Half sets of lashes have existed in one regard for a long time now, however like many things, the meaning has started to change. Just a few years ago – maybe even a few months ago – a half set of lashes simply referred to a set of lashes where only 50% of the natural lashes were covered with extensions. Now though, they’re taking Cat Styles to new heights…

What is a Half Set of Lash Extensions?

Well, let’s take you through the old meaning first, so that you can clarify with clients who ask about half sets of lashes exactly what they want in terms of a half set of lashes, and they don’t end up leaving you with something quite different from what they had in mind. 

As we touched on in the introduction, a half set of lash extensions used to mean that only half of the natural lashes had extensions applied to them. This gave a nice light, natural look but in all honesty, tended to lead to clients thinking their retention wasn’t as good as it normally would be, simply because when a lash falls out of a half set, there’s a big obvious gap there, where it would normally be hidden by neighbouring extensions. 

That aside though, half lash sets became popular among clients for a three main reasons;

  • They’re faster than a full set as fewer lashes are covered
  • They tend to be cheaper for the same reason
  • You can get a half set of classic lashes or a half set of russian lashes, which means than they appeal to a broad spectrum of clients

How About the New Kind of Half Set of Lashes?

A trend has been emerging for a little while now where party goers would cut their strip lashes into sections and apply them only to the outer corner of the eyes, giving them a cat-like sweep to the outside of the eye, whilst keeping the inner corners light and natural.

BTW… If you wanted to try a half set of lashes on for size before making the commitment to semi-permanent eyelash extensions, give our Hanna Lashes a try – they’re wispy, 1 cm wide and come in a mixture of lengths so you can play around and find what really works for you!

This trend has found its way into the world of eyelash extensions. We have to admit that when we first heard about them, we were a little dubious about how well they’d work on the eyes, but when we saw one for the first time, it stole our hearts! 

half lash set, half set of classic lashes, half set of volume lashes

This half set of lashes by@lashattraction, a super talented lash artist in Melbourne is one of our all-time favourite lash sets!

How Would You Map A Half Set of Lash Extensions?

Our top tip is to keep things light. While you absolutely can apply mega volume lashes to the outer half or the eyes only, it’s not likely to look as nice, and it’s not really as wearable (unless your client wears lots of eye makeup all the time, in which case it’s going to be easier to blend them in. 

To that end, we’d recommend starting off quite short so that the extensions blend in with the natural lashes, and you get a nice gradual sweep out to the outer corners. 

half lash set, half set of classic lashes, half set of volume lashes

Here are our TOP TIPS for mapping and styling a half set of lashes:

  • Start short and work up to a longer length for a seamless transition from natural lashes to that sex flick
  • Keep things light for a wearable everyday lash look. Opt for fine classic lashes like 0.10 and 0.12, or 0.05 volume lashes with little fans
  • For added spikes and texture in a half set of volume lashes, keep some fans closed and open others up to create soft fluff
  • For a look lighter than air, opt for black brown lashes instead of jet black
  • Start off with a natural curl such as a C curl, again for that smooth transition from natural lashes to extensions
  • For an extra flick in the outer corners, try L curl lashes! These aren’t exactly for the faint of heart but they will be sure to give the flick of all flicks! 

So there you have it, a quick but comprehensive guide to one of the latest lash extensions trends sweeping through our Instagram feeds! Will you try a half set of lashes? Be sure to tag us onInstagram if you do!