Premade Volume Fans vs Promade Volume Fans

London Lash Premade Fans have crashed back onto the scene and we couldn’t be more excited. One question we’re being asked a lot though, is: ‘What’s the difference between Premade Fans and Promade Fans?’ - we get it, they’re used pretty interchangeably, and the names are super similar.

Just to answer any questions you may have about the differences between Premade Lash Fans and Promade Lash Fans, we’ve put together this blog post which we hope sheds some light on the differences.

The very short and simplified answer is that there isn’t really a difference between Premade and Promade fans - they’re both just a type of a Volume lash fan that someone else has made for you. However, there are some slight and subtle differences that some manufacturers and suppliers list as reasons for the slight and subtle difference in their name. 

Difference 1 - The Bases

Promade Volume Fans have a slimmer base than Premade Fans. Typically - until now at least - Premade Fans were created with the fan stem/leg placed on the strip, which resulted in wider and flatter bases. Our new Mayfair Premade lash extension fans have very narrow, stacked bases - some manufacturers and suppliers are using ‘promade’ to distinguish between the two.

Mayfair Premade Lash Fans in 6DDifference 2 - The Width

Premade Fans have often been a bit more narrow, while ‘Promades’ are a little wider. This is owing slightly to the shape of the bases, but is more to do with industry wide improvements which have been made based on lash tech feedback.

Difference 3 - The Placement

This is also due to the shape of the fan bases, but you’ll notice that instead of being attached to the strip by the bottom of the base, they’re attached by the body of the fan with the nice slim base pointing up slightly. When you come to pick these up, you’ll need to take them first by the base and place them back down so that you can pick them up comfortably by the body. This might sound like a lot of effort, but it’s still even faster than making a fan by hand.

Lash Extension Set on Model Using Premade Volume FansSo why are we calling them Premade and not Promade? Simply so it’s easier for Lash Techs to find what they’re looking for! You might notice that in our product descriptions, social media posts and even in blog posts we sometimes use Premade Fans more so than Promade Fans, but for the most part, we still reference them - this is just so that any newer Lash Techs who are more familiar with the term ‘promade’ can find what they need nice and easily.