Why Classic Eyelash Extensions Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

Whether you’ve been lashing for 3 months or 3 years, you’ll undoubtedly have completed lots of Classic lash sets. While it might seem like a humble beginning to an illustrious lash career, or even a means to becoming qualified in Russian lash extensions, Classic lash extensions have been a salon staple for years now and they’re highly unlikely to ever go out of style! Here’s why:

Close-up of classic lash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions Are Faster to Apply

There’s little else to say here apart from people really value their time! While it’s true that they always have, if the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that it really is great to spend time with the people we love. For some of us that is our Lash Tech/clients. Generally speaking, if a client can have a beauty treatment that lasts for 1.5 hours and gets to wake up looking like they have their life together, they're going to pick that over a 3 hour treatment. Add to that the idea that we live in an age where we like things to happen fast - faster internet speeds, faster delivery times, faster gratification, fasteranything!

Classic lash extensions aren't just faster for our clients though, we have to think that if we’re doing a Classic set in 1.5 hours as opposed to a Russian Volume set for 2 or even 3 hours, we’re saving ourselvesa lot of time. Whether we use that time to further develop our lash business, open up some additional appointment slots or even just take some extra time for self care is up to us, but saved time is something of a blessing!

Classic Lashes are a More Universal Lash Style

We ADORE Russian Volume lashes, and always will, but when it comes to Classics they just have a bit more of a general feel to them. 

Sometimes our clients work in environments that they’re not generally allowed to even have eyelash extensions - if they can have a treatment where they feel like they’re treating themselves, they save a little bit of time in the morning, and they can get away with people thinking they’re wearing mascara and/or have been blessed by the natural lash gods, why wouldn’t they? 

close-up of classic eyelash extensions

On a similar level, they’re generally more wearable for the vast majority of our clients. While this is a slightly generalised statement, some of our older clients may not feel that Russian Volume lashes really suit them any more. However, that shouldn’t mean they have to completely give up on eyelash extensions if they make them happy - try black brown lash extensions for a Classic lash set with a super lightweight, easy to wear look and subtle finish!

Classic Lash Extensions are Really Low Maintenance Lashes

While we do love Volume lashes, we have to admit they can be a little more maintenance than Classic lashes. Of course you still need to clean them daily, especially if you have oilier skin or you like to wear makeup around the eye area, we just mean that volume lashes don’t save us time in our morning routines as you still have to brush them through (which we do, lovingly and adoringly) - but when you brush Classics, they don’t necessarilyneed to be brushed as thoroughly in the same way or to the same degree that Volume lashes do. 

Close-up of classic lash extensions and lash brush

It’s Less Obvious When Your Natural Lashes Shed

This might be a subject for debate as Russian Volume lashes obviously cover more of the natural eyelashes than Classic lashes when it comes to gaps - this is why we always encourage learning both narrow and wide fans, in case a client has more sparse lashes. However, when just a couple of fans fall it can be more obvious that we have a few gaps - with Classics, it’s a bit easier for this to blend into the rest of our lash line. 

We’d still recommend infills every 2-3 weeks, of course. 

Classic Lashes are Cheaper

Look, great work = a higher price tag. We know how much work goes into perfecting your craft, but not all of our clients can fully appreciate why we price our treatments the way we do, which is why there are so many memes about clients going somewhere cheaper and ultimately regretting it. If someone is new to lashes, and they’re not sure if they’ll like them especially, they’re quite likely to go for the cheaper treatment options. 

Those among us who LOVE drama in their lashes will probably always be more than happy to pay a little more for a Russian Volume lash set so this isn’t to say that offering Classic lashes means that no-one will go for Volume lashes- they absolutely will - but if you’re not sure about something, you might see Classic lashes as a sort of trial run, or the gateway to thicker volume in the future, perhaps. 

close-up of eye blinking with lash extensions

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