Here's What You Need To Know About Classic Lashes...

Let’s begin with the basics - which classic lashes are you going to use? 

You’ll have a consultation with your client to establish what kind of look they’re hoping to achieve - natural? Mascara effect? Something a little bit more dramatic? No problem! 

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Mayfair lashes will give you a bit glossier/ bolder/darker look, where Chelsea lashes will give a more subtle effect. 

Choosing Your Lash Thickness

0.12 lashes - will give you a lovely natural finish to your lash set, subtly enhancing your client’s eyes.

0.15 lashes -  are your go-to for a mascara effect. 

0.20 and 0.25 - will give you quite a dramatic effect, but are quite heavy on those natural lashes.If you’re after something dramatic,but light in weight, consider our flat lashes - these come in thicknesses up to 0.25, but weigh only half as much as a normal classic lash or the same thickness! All the drama, no damage - what could be better? 

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Choosing Your Lash Length

You’ve selected the perfect thickness of lashes, but how about the length? Put simply, the lash extensions you pick for your client should be a maximum of 3mm longer than the client’s natural lashes, and if the client’s natural lashes are very long already, you don’t have to go longer than them - remember that you’re enhancing their eyes, not necessarily making the lashes SUPER long. 

When it comes to curls, again consider the kind of look someone is looking for - if they want something very natural, B or C will be ideal; if they’re looking for more lift and drama, opt for CC or D. That being said, you’ll also need to take into account the natural growth of the natural lashes. 

Lash Pretreatment

Next, your pretreatment - it’s such an important area but one which is frequently overlooked or not completed in the most effective way. We recommend Cleanser, Primer and Booster at least to get those lashes perfectly prepped for extensions - for a full run down, check out our blog post all about slaying pretreatment!

Lash Application

When it comes to applying your lashes, we recommend to put 5 lashes on one eye first (spreading them evenly across the eye) and then move to another eye to do the same). In this case:

  • Your work stays symmetrical
  • It reduces the risk of stickies
  • If the client has to leave unexpectedly for some reason or you run out of time, client will  have a symmetrical and even set
  • It reduces the risk of chemical burn - if you work on one eye for prolonged period of time, your client may feel the fumes more, which can result in watery eyes, stinging or chemical burn (if eyes are not completely closed); 

Always set aside 10-15 minutes per eye at the very end of your set to check for stickies. Go through each lash one by one and ensure that it is not stuck to any lashes either side, above, or underneath it. Stickies can cause discomfort for your client and even damage to the natural lashes, which is NOT what we want! 

During application, try using a lash mirror to check on the lashes from underneath - you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t have gaps and that your lashes and your work is symmetrical, so you know you’ve got an incredible set before your client even opens their eyes!

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