Lash Pillows: Why They’re An Essential For Lash Techs!

You might think that a lash pillow is just another accessory pushed on you by lash brands to make a quick buck, but (all biases aside) they’re actually a really fundamental part of the lash salon experience for clients and technicians alike. There are two really good reasons for this and we’ll take you through those, as well as letting you know about what is specifically great about our pillow, to help you decide whether you’d like one or not.


As vacuous as it might sound on the surface, having a pretty salon goes a long way when it comes to client satisfaction. Think about it for a second – you walk into a salon and there is broken or mismatched furniture, no cushions on some otherwise hard benches and mess around the place. No matter how good the treatment is, you’re always going to think of the ick you got when you walked in initially. When you tell your friends about it, you’ll say something like ‘yeah, my lashes look nice and I liked the technician but it was so messy.’ Now consider that you walked into a salon that was tidy, had soft, pretty furnishings and was designed with your comfort in mind. Let’s assume that you’ve had exactly the same level of service and the lash tech was just as good – you’re going to rate the pretty one higher. 

What it comes down to is human psychology and our need for comfort and to be surrounded by pretty things, whether that’s a scenic garden, being down by the beach or walking into a clean and beautifully decorated salon. 

Just to help you get your salon looking exactly the right kind of stunning based on your preferences, we have this pillow available in a lovely sandy beige, and a universal black. 

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Whatever you have in your salon should have some purpose. That might be having some plants dotted about to make the place look more fresh and, like we detailed above, pretty or it might be having height adjustable lash beds with ergonomically designed pillows (just as an example) 

Anything you have on or around your beauty bed for eyelash extensions should serve a purpose to either make your life easier, or your clients’ experiences more comfortable. 

So with all of that in mind, what is so great about our lash pillow that we’ve seen fit to write an entire blog post about it? Well…

Ergonomic Design

We know, ergonomic sounds like a buzzword to make you think you need it. What it really means is that whatever is being discussed has been designed to make the user more comfortable and better supported whilst they work or are at leisure for any length of time. 

The London Lash Foam Pillow has been designed with you AND your clients in mind – the soft memory foam insert is squishy enough that your client will be comfortable, but still sturdy enough to actually provide them some support. There is a head-shaped well built in which keeps their head at the right angle and level for you to work comfortably, and there is a sloping neck support which keeps their neck and spine in alignment throughout the treatment, meaning less fidgeting. 

We’ve also been so thoughtful as to make the sides gently slope downwards when the pillow is not in use, which means that when the weight of a head is applied the sides of the pillow become level, providing an even surface for you to keep your tweezers, lash palette and jade stone without them ever rolling toward your client’s head. 

The shape of the pillow is really important, simply because supporting your client’s neck and head fully and having them at the correct level for you to work at means that they will feel much better during and after treatment, and you’ll have an easier time keeping your own spine happy.

Health and Safety

As beauty professionals and business owners, we’ve always taken cleanliness very seriously, but in recent years, this has become more important than ever, and is absolutely something that our clients want to see is being taken as seriously as possible. 

To that end, in addition to the foam inside our pillows to be antibacterial and mite resistant, we’ve also redesigned the cases to be a wipeable faux-leather design, meaning that you can sanitise after each client – we’ve tested multiple antibacterial and cleansing sprays, so you’ll be good to use anything! 

This saves you time in washing your pillow cases, and also reduces your paper waste from putting down bedroll for each and every client. 

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All in all, how you decorate your salon is a personal choice, but having furniture which not only looks good but does right by your clients can only be a big list of wins!