Brow Lamination Step By Step: An Introduction To InLei® Brow Bomber

With each generation, a new brow trend is born. Over the last few years the bigger, bolder brows the better! This has led to an increase in brow lamination treatments which lift the brows and lock them in a new position adding fullness and fluffiness. 

Brow Bomber by InLei® is a revolution in brow lamination treatments in a similar way to how their Lash Filler line seriously upped the game of lash lamination treatments. As well as making the brows stand out more and behave more obediently, Brow Bomber nourishes the brow hairs right into the bulb increasing the overall health of the brows from root to tip, and also looking after the skin as well. 

Step 1: Preparation

Cleanse the skin and brow area thoroughly using a foam cleanser and rinse well. You need to make sure any and all makeup, sebum or skincare residue is removed, as the products won’t be able to penetrate the hairs properly if there is any product left. 

If your client has quite dry skin, it’s worth having some Brow Peeling in your brow lamination kit to gently exfoliate the skin – this is generally advisable for all clients but if your client has very sensitive skin it will be okay to forego this step to keep them comfortable.

Brow exfoliation for brow lamination prep

Ensure all cleansing products are completely rinsed away from the brow hairs and the skin.

Step 2: Apply Numbing Cream

This is an optional step, but it’s a great product to have in your brow lamination kit for those clients with sensitive skin in particular. InLei® Lady Shield contains Sichuan berry extract to numb the skin gently as well as some hydrating and nourishing ingredients, so it protects the skin from any irritation or redness. 

Numbing cream for brow lamination

The reason that this is an optional step is because by and large, Brow Bomber has been found to be very gentle and non-irritating for the vast majority of clients. Still, it’s a nice step to add, so why not treat our clients? Apply 5 minutes before you start the treatment, allowing enough time for the skin to absorb the cream. Be sure not to use too much as you don’t want it creating a barrier!

Step 3: Apply Lift 1

Take a brush – the Picasso brush is ideal for this – and apply a small amount of Lift 1to the brow hairs. The time you leave the solution on the brows will depend on the thickness of the client’s brow hairs:

  • Fine hairs: 6-8 Minutes
  • Medium hairs: 8-10 minutes
  • Thick hairs: 10-12 minutes

Set a timer for each brow so that you do not damage the hairs. Brow Bomber has been designed specifically to not be used with cling film, so simply let it sit on the brows while it works. When the time is up, gently wipe away the product with a cotton pad.

How to apply brow lamination products with the best UK brow lamination

Step 4: Apply Lock 2

Begin by brushing the brows into the desired position and fixing them into place with a very thin layer of Mister Fix (a fixing gel specifically designed to be used alongside Brow Bomber). Brush the brows into position with an F-Brush for best results. 

Application of Brow Bomber step 2 for the best brow lamination results

Next, apply a layer of Lock 2 - again, a Picasso Brush will be a good brush to use, just ensure it is completely clean if it is the same brush as you used for the Lift 1. 

The timing for Lock 2 will be the time of the Lift 1 halved, plus 2 minutes (for example, if you left Lift 1 on for 10 minutes, you would leave Lock 2 on for 7 minutes) Again, set an alarm for each brow and remove with a cotton pad. 

Step 5: Tinting Brows

This is another optional step depending on how bold a look your client is looking for. Take equal amounts of InLei® Tint in your desired shade and InLei® Tint Developer and mix thoroughly in a non-metal container. Apply to the brows and leave to work for the same timing as you used for Lift 1. Be careful to apply the tint neatly, as it will colour the skin as well. When you remove the tint, try removing it from the inside of the brow a little sooner to achieve an ombre effect. Then, when you remove the rest of the tint, use a damp cotton pad and a dabbing motion, careful not to swipe the tint across the skin.

Step 6: Hair Removal

It’s up to you how you remove the hair here, be it waxing, threading or tweezing.

Step 7: Apply Brow Bomber

The final step is to apply Brow Bomber 3, which is a soothing, hydrating, and nourishing brow butter. It contains all sorts of amazing plant-based ingredients to make the skin and the brow hairs very happy and healthy! A little Brow Bomber goes a long way, but if there is a lot of excess, you can dab it gently with a cotton pad before giving the brows one last brush and taking photos for your instagram or website! 

Step by step brow lamination application using InLei® Brow Bomber 3

Lastly, it’s worthwhile retailing some products that your client can use at home to enhance or prolong the effects of their treatment, such as InLei® Fashion Lash, or their new lash and brow serum Adiutrix (which, by the way, is incredible!)

If you have any questions about the process or the products for brow lamination, just hit the chat icon in the bottom right corner! Upgrade your brow lamination kit today with the InLei® Brow Bomber system!