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Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer

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Struggling to find THE perfect adhesive for your working room conditions?

Lash Queen, we feel your pain! 

Our BRAND NEW digital Hygrometer and thermometer measures the humidity and air temperature in your workspace, so that you can find an adhesive that works best for you!

Once you have found that perfect adhesive, the hygrometer helps you stay in control of your room conditions ensuring your room remains within the optimal conditions.

Our Hygrometer & thermometer is light and suitable for mobile therapists as well as looks perfect and stylish on a lash trolley.

    The suitable conditions for our adhesives are listed on our Glue Chart.

    Product details

    • Works with 1x Button Battery (already included)
    • Black, branded with London Lash logo
    • Size: 7.30cm x 13.20cm x 3.10cm

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