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Biodegradable Glue Nozzle Wipes (200pcs)


The adhesive build-up is causing your glue nozzle to become blocked? 

Try London Lash Biodegradable Lint-free glue nozzle wipes. 

Help you to keep your glue nozzle always clean which will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Better Retention. Your bottle will always be airtight. A dirty glue nozzle may prevent the bottle from closing properly. Airtight bottle = less air/moisture getting into the bottle = better retention
  • Long usage of the glue bottle. Tired of the glue cap getting stuck to the glue nozzle? Cleaning the nozzle with the wipe will prevent this from happening.

London Lash Tip:

Don’t forget to use the wipe when you shake your glue -  simply remove the cap, place the wipe folded in half over the glue nozzle, press tightly and shake for the time required. This simple trick will help you to avoid the glue getting into the cap and prevent the cap from being stuck to the glue nozzle. 

      Product details

      • Biodegradable, lint-free white wipes
      • 200 wipes in the box
      • Recyclable outer packaging

      How to use

      1. Take the glue wipe from the box and fold it in half.
      2. Open the glue and cover the nozzle tip with the wipe.
      3. Shake your glue bottle (keep the nozzle tightly covered with the wipe to avoid any glue spillage).
      4. Dispense the glue onto the Glue stone or into the Glue Ring and wipe the glue nozzle with the same wipe that you used for shaking.

      Product properties

      The Vegan Society
      Certified by The Vegan Society
      Queens Award 2020
      London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

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