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Premade Fans 0.07 - 5D

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Our beautifully crafted, high quality premade volume fans will allow you to fulfil your clients' dreams of wispy, full lashes in half the time! You don't need to spend hours making the perfect fan for your client, we have already done it for you! All you need to do is grab the pre made fans from the tray and apply to the clients lashes!

Time is money - this is something lash artists know better than anyone else. Did you know that your clients are happy to pay more for a treatment if they can have it in less time? Our premade volume lashes are there to reduce the time for both, the client and for the therapist. With more free time on your hands you can fit more clients in a day or, put your feet up and catch up on that episode you didn't finish the other day! The best part is this is all whilst earning more money with the time you saved! 

P.S. Ever noticed that clients with oily skin come back for infills with closed fans? This is no longer the case with premade lashes that hold the fluff until they grow out! 

  • Crafted from a gentle black lash fibre to give an elegant volume effect without looking too fake
  • Available in C, CC, D curls
  • Single trays available
  • Different types of volume: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D
  • Premade volume fans with micro amount of glue for stronger hold of fan
  • 420 fans in a tray (~2 clients per tray)


Note from London Lash: we know how much you love premade fans - we love them too! We also know how frustrating it is that the collection hasn’t been complete for such a long time. Trust us - we’re working on getting premade fans back on the menu as soon as we possibly can! 

The not-so-good news is that it might still be a little while to see them in all their glory…

The good news is that they’re currently under production…

The GREAT news is that they’re better than ever before! We take quality control seriously, and always want the best for you and your clients, which is why we’d never settle for less than perfection. 

The premade fans you see here will be discontinued once they’re gone, and the new collection will be just like you - incredible.


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