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My name is Dominique, I have been in the lash industry since 2016. The reason I chose to become a trainer is because  I like working with people, to get the best out of them and to motivate them. I am a Founder of Lashes by Dominique (Germany). 

What inspired me to become a lash artist was a coincidence at first, it started just as a part-time job. Before I knew it, my part-time job had become my full-time job!

What I wish I knew when I started doing lashes is that a training with full time support is a must, without that you feel really alone. It's important to have a trainer who is doing the job from the bottom of their heart and loves to help you and pushes you to become the best!

My top tip for new artists is to invest in good trainings from the beginning. It's important to have a good foundation to build a house. Practice, practice and again practice! Hard work pays off. 

The LLP product I cannot live without is pre-made fans - because they are the first premades that are really really good to use and allow me to save so much time during treatments. 

My favourite lash style is squirrel, because it matches to a lot of eyeshapes and it is easy to style. 

My motto is: "... because laughing makes life more beautiful"


I speak German and English


To book your training with me, contact me directly:

Email: info@lashesbydominique.com

Facebook: Lashes by Dominique and London Lash Pro

Instagram: @dominique_graupner


Organiser of the First International Lash & Brow Championship in Munich (Germany), "Der Goldene Pfau", 10/2019

Regular feature writer for Lash-Ed Magazine
Speaker at Lovelash Congress (Catargena/ Colombia), 2019

Judge Oscars 2019
Judge & Sponsor World Lash University, 2019
Judge International Lash Queens Championship, 2019
Judge Online Lashbulls (Marbella/Spain), 02/2019,
Judge Life Birmingham 05/2019,
Judge Online Ultimate (Netherlands), 2019
Speaker Beauty Intervision (Düsseldorf/Germany): Durability of Eyelash Extensions 
Judge Live Glasgow, 08/2018 
Sponsor for Lashbattle Glasgow, 2018
3rd place German Masters Competition Berlin 2017, Volume Technique,
2nd place International Online Competition, Volume Technique

I am is certified in PMU, Microblading, Lashlifting and Microneedling.

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