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Glamcor Mono Light

Glamcor Mono Lamp/Daylight LED

Amazing price! VAT and free express UK delivery included!

- known as the best of the best in the lash industry

- the new Glamcor Mono Light is a single and powerfully bright daylight lamp with two dimming settings

- the lamp gives a bright and cold light, providing perfect lighting and flawless photos

- no colour distortion

- does not cause eye strain during extended use

- the perfect lamp for both salon and mobile technicians.

  • 5,600K Daylight LED panel provides the same light output as two panels.
  • Exploitation of diode lifetime is 20,000 hours.
  • 50% and 100% setting function of the brightness of the light makes it possible to select the perfect lighting for different times of day.
  • You can change the angle of the light and the LED panel rotates 360 degrees.
  • Clamp onto any shelf or table.
  • Lightweight: 2lbs/.9kg

 Lightweight and comes with the added extra of a table clamp so that you can attach it to a suitable surface and be lashing in just seconds.

With each lamp you will receive:

  • Fully flexible single LED luminary with power and two setting dimming
  • Table clamp accessory
  • Dual voltage power supply - 100-240V (works in all countries)
  • Black colour (Exclusive for London Lash Pro)

• Choose a plug that you need: UK plug, EU plug, US plug available 

Additional cost: £30 International delivery charge


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