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InLei® ONE - Silicone Lash Curlers Size XXL1

Introducing "NATURAL CURL" XXL1 silicone shields for the revolutionary Lash Filler treatment!

Given the high volume of requests received, here is the latest addition to InLei® curlers: size XXL1! Now you can fully extend even the longest lashes. Those shields are part of the "natural curl" line, which allows for a natural, subtle lift!

- allow you to spread the lashes along its entire length without bending the tips and without creating ugly irregularities in the alignment of the eyelashes on the curler

- give a soft and balanced lift

- PLATINUM silicone, autoclavable!

- delicate, soft and very flexible

- designed for right and left eye, with a thinner part on the inner corners for an easy application

- perfectly fit any eye shape without causing any discomfort

- hypoallergenic

- 6 pairs per box

- 100% made in Italy

Want to try other sizes? InLei® silicone shields/curlers are available in a wide range of different sizes! Find your perfect match with ‘Perfect Curl Line’ and ‘Natural Curl Line’ of the most popular curlers for lash lift treatment.

For professional use only.