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InLei® Soft Brow Peeling

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InLei® SOFT BROW PEELING is an extremely lightweight, non-greasy brow scrub that exfoliates skin and prepares the eyebrow area for different treatments like brow lamination, brow henna or tinting.

  • InLei® SOFT PEELING gently removes a layer of dead skin cells, makeup residue and excess sebum, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated
  • Walnut and Hazelnut Shells and Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil granules provide a very delicate but effective exfoliation 
  • Vitamin E and Shea Butter take care of the gentle brow area by keeping it soft and free from oxidants 
  • Soft Brow Peeling also contains Phytosqualane (which comes from Olive Oil) that helps to restore the skin barrier
  • Specially designed for eyebrows, face and cleavage.
  • Innovative and secure snap cap
  • 100ml bottle
  • Made in Italy

How to use: Take a small amount of InLei® SOFT BROW PEELING and gently massage the eyebrow area with small circular movements for about 15 seconds. Remove with a damp cotton pad, making sure all granules are completely removed.