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PLEASE NOTE! The team at So Henna are working on updating the packaging for the So Henna line. You will now be receiving some products in new, gorgeous packaging. For the time being, during the transition period, some products will still come in the same branding you’re used to. All products, no matter the branding, are fresh and new!


  • Long-lasting results that you and your clients will love
  • The natural cool undertone of the product means NO orange brows!
  • Each shade is ideal for using alone, but custom shades can be created mixing any number of So Henna shades to suit your client best. 


  • Mix with distilled water 1:2 (powder:water) for a honey like consistency. For the absolute best results, we recommend that you use a So Henna Mixing tool, and not a brush. Not only will this give you the correct consistency every time, it will also improve the lifespan of your brushes!
  • How to know you when it's perfectly mixed? When the colour is oxidising, it will develop into a purple shade. Don't worry, this is how it's supposed to be! The oxidation of the shade before applying does NOT influence the final result of the treatment. Once the mixture is applied to the skin and hairs and is left to develop, it will become the gorgeous, rich coffee shade that you chose.
  • Please note, the colour of the powder in its dry form can vary depending on multiple factors such as how the powder has been stored, the individual shade of the powder, or even oxidation since opening. Rest assured that this does NOT affect the final colour payoff once the powder has been mixed with water.
  • Some shades of So Henna powder contain little white balls – don't worry! These are supposed to be there. These help the colour to develop, and have to be completely dissolved. Again, for best results always mix your Brow Henna with a mixing tool for the best incorporation of the powder to water, and to ensure you get the shade desired! 

Important reminder - Please always make sure you patch test your clients 48 hours before using henna on their skin! Our henna is for professional use and should only be used by trained brow technicians.  

PLEASE NOTE: So Henna jars/pouches should be stored in a cool and dark place (below 25C), away from direct sunlight, in a humidity around 40%. High humidity might impact the effectiveness and freshness of the henna powder. 

Product details

Colours (from lightest to darkest):

  • #01 Flat White - (golden blonde on hairs, very light stain on the skin)
  • #02 Vanilla Latte (ashy dark blonde on hairs, light stain on the skin)
  • #03 Cold Brew Latte (light brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #04 Macchiato (medium brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #05 Caffe Mocha (dark brown on hairs, medium stain on the skin)
  • #06 Hot Chocolate (dark brown on hairs, dark stain on the skin)
  • #07 Espresso (black on hairs, dark stain on the skin.
  • #08 Sweetener (can be mixed with any coffee colour to achieve a warmer, red undertone)


Product Details:

  • Net weight 3g 
  • Each box contains a leaflet and a spatula.
  • 1 pot of SO HENNA provides up to 30 treatments
  • Contains Jojoba Oil AND Aloe Vera extracts to help stimulate hair growth and nourish the brow hairs!

How to use

  1. Perform brow pretreatment as you have been taught on your training.
  2. Choose the So Henna colour suitable for your client.
  3. With the spatula (use the small side) take 1 spoonful of the brow henna powder from the jar and put it in a glass dappen dish.
  4. Add distilled water with a dropper (approx 10-15 drops) and mix the solution until all particles are melted and you get a smooth honey-like consistency. For best and fastest mixing use So Henna Mixer.

    TIP: You can play with the consistency from milky to creamy to achieve different results (from natural to strong stain).

  5. Apply henna paste to brows. Leave on for 8-20 mins (depending on the desired results).
  6. Remove with a damp cotton pad.
  7. Remove unnecessary hairs using the method you prefer (waxing, tweezing, threading)
  8. To finish the treatment, apply one drop of So Henna Brow Oil and comb into the brows. For best results, you can even retail Brow Oil to your clients to use at home, making their brow henna results last even longer!

So Henna Top Tips: 

  • Use #08 Sweetener as a modifier to add a warm, red, undertone to any coffee colour and help to compliment your clients' skin and hair colour! 
  • Need a cooler tone? #07 Espresso can be used as a toning shade to make any other colour cooler on the client's skin and hair!
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this is the second colour i've bought from London Lash, the only thing i'm disappointed with is the amount of time the skin stays shaded. The photos shows a great result on website.


Brilliant colour match x


Good quality!




Wouldn't use anything else