Practice Lashes



Struggling with finding models to practice your new skills? Our practice eyelashes are a must-have for every lash artist!

  • perfect for beginners to practice isolation and lash extension placement after foundation eyelash extension training 
  • super helpful when practicing before your foundation exam and becoming a lash artist (officially!)
  • can also be used by advanced technicians to practice application of volume fans
  • easy to stick to a doll head or a makeup sponge
  • different lengths of lashes, imitating the natural lashes
  • perforation between each pair of strip lashes for an easy use
  • 10 pairs per box 

Please note that the adhesive is not included.

    How to use

    How to use:

    1. Using your  tweezers, gently unstick the strip of lashes from the box and place it evenly on a doll head or make up sponge.
    2. Use  Cleanser and  Primer to prepare the practice lashes.
    3. Take out strips of lashes from the box,  stick them to your  lash palette and prepare your  jade stone by applying a  lash glue sticker on top of it.
    4. Shake your  glue by using a  glue shaker, grab your favourite  pair of tweezers from your  tweezer case and you’re ready to begin your practice!
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    Customer Reviews

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    Ideal for Students!

    Having recently completed the online Russian Volume course, I purchased the practice lashes to help me in perfecting fan application. They have been a HUGE help. I stick to a piece of paper and it works just as well as a dummy head!

    Thank you Candice for taking the time to leave us positive feedback for our product, we really value our customers feedback so pleased you are happy with the product Thank you x