When and why should you choose premade fans over handmade?

As a lash tech, you know as well as anyone that sometimes you have to think on your feet and adapt to the situation at hand. Sometimes that means looking for a faster acting glue to see you through the summer months, and sometimes it means using premade fans in a lash set rather than making each individual fan by hand. Here are a few of the times that choosing pre made volume fans over hand made fans will be the best idea! 

We’ve all had an experience when a client runs in and asks how long the appointment will take as they’ve double booked themselves somehow and need to leave in an hour. In the past, you might have had to opt for a hybrid set, or just less coverage in order to make that client happy while still saving time. With promade lash fans, you can reduce your treatment time by up to 50%, compared to when making and using handmade fans! 

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This means you have more time for better coverage, and you can still complete our full pretreatment routine and check thoroughly for stickies - you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing your quality just to get a few more fans made and applied! 

Similarly, it’s not at all uncommon for a client to book in for an infill only to turn up on the day with a few fans left, while still expecting to leave with a full and fluffy set. While it’s definitely in your best interests to charge for a full set and explain the difference between an infill and a full set, you can at least cover a few more lashes with pre made volume fans than you would have if you’re solely using handmade fans. 

Let’s say a client comes to you with LOADS of natural lashes and asks for mega volume - this would usually take a long time with handmade fans as you’ll more than likely want to cover at least 80% of those lashes, but with premade fans you’re cutting out so much time that you can spend getting 100% coverage if you want to! It’s a win for you as it’s just less stressful, and it’s a huge win for your client who gets to leave with the best lash set they’ve EVER had! 

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Lastly, you could argue that premade volume fansare always a great idea - they reduce your treatment time, increase your overall revenue and they give your clients exactly what they want - amazing coverage, amazing retention, and exactly the same high quality finish they know, love and expect from you. 

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