When to Use Premade Fans? 

As entrepreneurs, it’s very likely that you’re going to want to advance your skills and expand your treatment list quickly - we get it. But when it comes to eyelash extensions, can you use Premade Volume Fans if you’re only qualified in Classic Eyelash Extensions? Let’s get into it…

One the One Hand…

Picking up Premade Fans, dipping them in glue and placing them is very similar to how you pick up, dip and place individual classic lashes, so in terms of technique you’re not likely to have a lot of trouble using Premade lash fans compared to using your favourite classic lash extensions.

Picking Up Premade Lash FansAs you’re not making the fans yourself, you’re less likely to feel stressed by the intricacies of making those perfect little fans by hand, as such your work is more likely to be clean and well applied, just like your classic lashes, which means that it’s safer work. 

You’re more unlikely to use too large of a fan and cause damage to the natural lashes as a result, as someone else has made the fans to safe specifications for you.

On the Other Hand…

With that in mind, if you’re only recently qualified in classic lashes then using Premade Fans isn’t advisable - you do still need to be technically perfect in terms of isolation, placement and stickies (avoidance and separation) to ensure that you’re not causing any damage to the natural lashes. 

Although the fans are made with safety in mind, you need to be able to say for sure whether or not a client’s individual lashes can safely support the fans you’re choosing for them - do you know how many 0.07 lashes weigh in relation to a 0.15 lash? If not, how can you be certain that the lashes you’re choosing are safe? 

Mayfair Premade Fans in 4DRussian Volume Lashes - even when created with Premade lash fans - are typically counted as a different treatment to classic eyelash extensions where insurance is concerned, so even if your technique is perfect and you feel confident using Premades, it’s always necessary to check with your insurance provider whether you’ll be covered to use these lash extensions. If you’re not covered, it’s just not worth the risk should something go wrong!

All Things Considered…

It’s a bit of a grey area with no ‘one size fits all’ answer - as long as you’ve perfected all of your lashing techniques that will ensure safety for your clients then yes, go ahead, so long as your insurance provider is happy for you to do so!

If you’d rather be absolutely sure you’re qualified in Russian Volume lash extensions and know everything you need to lash safely, check out our Russian Volume Courses:

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