It’s infill time!!!  

If you, just like me are at the very beginning ofyourcareer as a lash artist andfeel overwhelmed by just thinking ofinfills, then thisarticle is definitely a life changer for you! 

Thereare a few rules you need to remember, which will make your lifeso much easier!Infills will soon become a pleasure and a nice distraction between long full sets.  

Manylash artists don’t like doing infills,becausethey never look as good as a fresh new set! That’s why the first thing you need to do, is allowing yourself enough time. If you are just at the beginning of your lash journey, make sure you schedule at leastan hour and a half for every infill, but don’t worry if you need more time. It’s not a race ;-) 

Make sure your clients book the infill at the end of their treatment, thisway you avoid long breaks betweeninfills. Do not scheduleinfills for more than 3 weeks and advise your clients that you require at least 50% of the extension still on when they come for their appointment. 

Once you make sure you have all thatclear withyour clients, ahuge part of your job is done. Trust me there is nothing worse and more frustrating than trying to apply for extensions on dirty lashes! 



You did a full set 3 weeks ago, advised your client about the aftercare and necessity of washing the extension daily, but no matter how often will you repeat yourself, you will always find that one client who will come for her infill with dirty lashes or full makeup. Well, it happens and its up to you how are you going to deal with it. I like to give second chances, so when that happens I always make sure I havea lash shampoo and saline eyewash. You can either ask your client to wash her eyes or you can do it for her! See an example in the below video: 


Once you have all the makeupremoved and thelashes are nice and clean, apply eyepatches. 


  1. REMOVEany lashes that have grown out by more than 3mmORhave twisted.


To remove unwanted lashes you can use your tweezers. Tweezers are the easiest and quickest way to do it. All you have to do is catch NL in one tweezer and the extension in another and gently peel them off. 



It may happen that last time you used a bit to much glue and extensions aren’t peeling as easy as they should, but don’t stress! You can still use a small amount of gel remover, just remember to use it directly on the lash you want to remove, not the whole set!!! 

The third way to remove grown lashes is by pinching the bottom of extension to break the bond between NL and extensions:



At this point, you should also check for anystickies or poorly applied extensions. 

Infill time is also a good opportunity for you to check on your work and spot-on any mistakes you may havemade! 

Analyze your work, talk with your client about her experience, how comfortable her extension felt and if thereis anything she would like you to improve. 

The more feedback you get at the beginning more efficient you will become andthe faster you will improve!!! 




It’s all uphill fromhere;-D, but before you start reapplying new extension, remember to clean and prime lashes with micro-brushes, exactly the same way as with full set! If youare a beginner you would probably like to repeat the mapping. Go for it! Whatever you think willmake your work more effective!! 

By now you probably noticed one eye is fuller than the other. There may be a lot of reasons for that - so don’t panic! Maybe thats the side your client is sleeping on, or one eye was touched more thanthe other. It actually happens quite often. 

When I have a client like that I always like to start my work on the eye with fewer extensions to make both eyes even, and only then will work systematically with the remaining time. 

Hopefully, these few steps will help you with your struggle and stress!