5 Mistakes Lash Techs Make When Taking A Picture

Taking a good picture of your work is crucial if you are seriously thinking about promoting and expanding your business. Social media is more saturated than ever with fresh content every second of every day, so getting exposure is no longer as simple as taking a quick snap.

However, we're not here to put you off, we have some of the best tips and tricks from London Lash Pro experts to make sure your pictures break through the noise. 

We are going to introduce you to 5 key rules you should follow in order to make sure the lash pictures you are taking showcase your best work and make you stand out.

Dirty Lens

You may think something so obvious isn't worth mentioning, but it's so easily overlooked! A blurry camera lens is one of the most common mistakes we come across when you are asking us for feedback on your work or your Instagram profile. Very often, Lash Artists are so focused on good angles, great lighting or their gorgeous lash extensions set, that they forget to clean their camera lens. As a result, you end up with cloudy, blurry pictures, and let's be honest no one likes to look at those! So from now on before you take any pictures of the gorgeous eyelash extension sets you have created, always remember to wipe the lens!

Close up of Russian volume lashes

Bad Lighting

The second most common mistake is bad lighting. What can we say, if you want to take a good quality picture, you have to invest in a good light! The Glamcor range is one of the best available products on the market for taking insta-ready pictures after your treatment. Our personal favourite is the Glamcor X Multimedia Content Creation Kit as well as it's slightly cheaper alternative, the Glamcor Capture. Both of these models double up as a beauty light and a phone stand, making content creation easier than ever. Just think about the TikTok videos you could make!

The Glamcor lights come with 5 light intensity settings and adjustable arms, and is the only light recommended for an Lash Technician for everyday use, so if you don’t have one already, add it to your list!

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If you still need some persuading, check out our blog on why Glamcor is the best lighting in the industry.


Light Placement

Unfortunately, buying a good lash light won't instantly solve all your problems. It's equally as important to understand how to set up the light so your photos are always clear and bright. To take a good picture you have to remember to light the exact area you will be photographing. For example, if you are planning on taking pictures of one eye only, then you will need to focus the entirety of the lighting on that eye. If you are thinking of taking pictures of the whole face, then adjust the light to make sure the whole face is illuminated. 

Attention to Detail

Not paying attention to the finer details is another very common mistake we come across when scrolling through Instagram. As a Lash Technician, it's easy to focus on the lashes you have just done looking flawless in the picture, but before you press the capture button, make sure that everything around them also looks perfect. Even the most beautiful eyelashes will be less captivating if there are untidy brows, spots or uneven make-up. When it comes to pictures, perfectionism is a must.

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Top Tip: To spice up your instagram feed and really show off those gorgeous little details, invest in a Clip On Macro Lens to take your photos to the next level! Just clip it onto your camera, and blow your clients (not to mention your competition) away with those juicy close up shots!

Bad Angles 

Taking a picture from the right angle can create the illusion of depth and makes a photo more memorable and eye-catching. An interesting angle can also make the image stand out since most mobile pictures are taken straight on.

Our Clip On Macro Lens is the ultimate hack to getting great quality lash photos. It's a 2 in 1 one wide angle and macro lens, and it really is as simple as clipping it on! This was London Lash Pro's biggest game-changer when it came to growing our instagram following. Take a look at our instagram page to see it in action.

The golden rule you need to remember when taking a good quality eyelash extension picture is to ask your clients and models to look straight ahead and not into the camera, to ensure the pupil is always in the middle of the eye. This means that when you are moving the camera to find the right angle, your clients eye stays in the right position This is especially important for full-face shots - if your client is looking into the camera, you will end up with a cross-eyed effect! 

Top Tip: Hold your finger where you want your client to look and ask them to focus on it whilst you snap away.

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So much of a potential client's decision making is based on the photos of your work that you share on your social media and your website, so it really pays to have a great looking portfolio! A lot of good lash extension photography is about training your eye, so make sure to look at the work of other Eyelash Technicians frequently and take lots of before and after photos! Don't forget to have a bit of fun while taking these amazing pictures of your lash sets, smiley eyes are much more enticing!