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Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror


- an extra touch of luxury for individuals who are really ahead of the curve!

- EXTRAORDINARY married AMAZING, and they had a RIKI SKINNY!

- the RIKI SKINNY is a super bright mirror using special technology to deliver performance never before seen in any lighted mirror in this class or size

- five stages of dimming

- full control of the level of detail you want to see

- add the magnifying mirror to get up close and personal with those lashes and brows and for detail work especially around the eyes


- place your phone into the included phone clip, and mount it onto the mirror

- pair your phone with the mirror using our Bluetooth connectivity and press the camera button on the mirror with your thumb to take your pics

- you don't need to have your finger or arm awkwardly in your perfect shot

- the legendary quality LEDs have been intricately and masterfully hand-crafted for the RIKI SKINNY.

  • Improve your makeup application
  • See details you have previously been missing
  • Take perfect selfies like never before
  • Facebook & Instagram live events with perfect lighting
  • Record or follow along YouTube videos and tutorials
  • Makeup
  • Hair

Dimensions: 33cm x 24cm

Please Note: Glamcor products are excluded from sales promotions + discount codes.

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