Being A Lash Tech is the Perfect Part Time, Work From Home Job. Here's Why...

To become a Lash Tech is simple - all you need to do is take a Lash Extensions Training Course with an accredited trainer or academy and there you have it, a brand new qualification that can make you a self-employed Lash Tech and a great amount of money every year. We’re not saying that doing eyelash extensions is easy, because it’s actually very tricky and takes a lot of time and practice to perfect. It is, however, a relatively simple process for something that can make you so much extra money just from putting in a few hours per week! 

Lash Extensions Placement on EyelashesWho Is A Lash Course Perfect For?

A Lash Extensions Course is perfect for anyone, especially if you’re looking to make a bit of extra money as a student, or work from home while the kids are at school or nursery. While it might seem like a bit of a hefty outlay in the first instance, you can very easily make your tuition money back in very few lash extensions sets, and then it’s pretty much pure profit from then on, if you’re working from home/your uni room.

Why Is An Eyelash Extension Course Perfect For Students?

Students (speaking from my own experience) are usually in need of three things - money, food, and nights out to relax (okay, four things if you count sleep). One of the easiest ways to make money is to take a part-time job but those usually get scheduled on evenings and weekends to fit around your lectures and seminars. That’s all so well and good but it really eats into your social time. By taking a Lash Course, you’re gaining a qualification that you will have for life, but one which will earn you money in your spare time - you can lash anyone and everyone on campus in whatever time you have spare, and while your initial outlay might be a little high on a student budget, you’re making that money back in no time at all, even if you’re only charging £30 per set to begin with. 

On average, a set of Classic Lashes costs you less than £5 in products, and being a student you don’t have the added outlay of salon bills and rent, so anything you charge over £5 is pure profit - put that towards your grocery shopping, your accommodation fees, nights out or just tuck it all away for your future savings. 

If you want some serious advice, keep hold of it and finish your Uni career with money in the bank and no stress when it comes to renting a place. Finding a job in your sector won’t even be stressful as you’ll have lashes to fall back on, and having been doing extensions in your free time throughout uni you’ll have a super impressive portfolio to showcase to potential clients if they ask for images or videos. 

Checking Through Full Eyelash Extensions SetWhy Is A Lash Extension Course Perfect For Stay At Home Parents?

Eyelash extensions treatments are a really good way to generate a bit of extra income and you can totally tailor your working times to fit in with your kids and/or partner’s schedule. Just by doing one lash set per day for 5 days of the week, you can earn something in the region of £150 per week as a beginner - as you perfect your skills, build your confidence and your portfolio, you can begin to increase your prices which can only be a good thing where your pocket is concerned.

As we said to the students, working from home or even going to people’s houses to do their lashes means that pretty much everything you earn after product costs (around £5 pre treatment for a classic set) is profit that can go towards your bills, a fancy dinner every now and again, or extra Christmas gifts for the kids and family. That also means that your tuition fee pays for itself in less than a month (following the one client per weekday at £30 each example).

Aside From Money…

Being a Lash Tech means that you get to meet new people. You’ll quickly come to realise that some clients just want to lie down and take a lash nap while you work your magic, but you’ll still have time to get to know even those clients before and after treatment, which is obviously great for anyone who does lashes, but for students new to campus and looking to make friends, and for those parents who stay at home and can sometimes feel a little bit isolated, it can make a real difference to how connected you feel to others. 

The really great thing about being a Lash Artist is that even if all of your clients are super quiet, the lash extensions community is a thriving and friendly place - groups exist on Facebook along with Instagram and the vast majority of lash brands are super personable and more than happy to offer advice or just have a lash chat - we’re all so passionate about what we do, and it’s one of those rare and beautiful industries where we all really thrive on seeing each other's successes. 

Consultation for Eyelash ExtensionsAll in all, taking a lash extensions course is going to benefit you in so many ways, if only that you have some security should something unexpected happen to your career path outside of lashes. Being a lash tech is sociable, it’s a skillset that you can build on and although the stock market might fluctuate, there will always be clients on the hunt for a lash tech. Not sure which products to go for? Check out this blog postwhere we go into more detail about the best lash extensions products to buy when you’re a beginner!