A Match Made in Lash Heaven: London Lash and Nouveau Beauty Team Up

We've got some thrilling news that's bound to make your day even brighter. London Lash and Nouveau Beauty, two industry giants, have joined forces to bring you an incredible collaboration that's set to elevate your lash game to new heights! 

So, What Does This Collaboration Mean for You?

  1. A Fusion of Expertise: When two industry leaders join forces, you can be sure that the resulting products and services will be nothing short of exceptional.

  1. Access to the Best Products: You deserve the best tools and products for your clients. With this collaboration, you can expect an expanded range of high-quality products that will make your job easier and your clients even happier. 

Lash Tech and happy lash client with their eyelash extensions

Industry-Leading Lash Brands

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Nouveau Beauty is renowned for their cutting-edge beauty treatments and products, including the famous LVL Lash Lift. Now, picture the expertise and innovation of London Lash combined with the innovation and beauty mastery of Nouveau Beauty. These two brands fit perfectly together!


"As a Lash Artist and educator for Nouveau Lashes for the last 15 years, I’m so excited that Nouveau Beauty is now working with another like-minded first-class lash brand,” explained Debbie Law, Nouveau’s resident pro and celeb Lash Artist. “There’s nothing more empowering when we go onto these sites where we can see first-class brands led by dedicated people with one focus in mind - to bring the best to our customers and be able to purchase our products in one place."

Debbie Law

Nouveau Beauty's resident pro and celeb Lash Artist


Developed by Lash Artists for Lash Artists, London Lash is the leading supplier of high-quality eyelash extension products to Lash Technicians all over the world. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge and second-to-none expertise to help support Lash Artists of all levels. Collaborating with another leader in their field that has a solid reputation, like Nouveau Beauty, is a match made in lash heaven!

Founder of London Lash with London Lash employees"We’re so excited to be joining forces with Nouveau Beauty. We’ve always been committed to providing Lash Techs all around the world with high-quality eyelash extension supplies that they could rely on and that their clients would love whilst also maintaining our planet-friendly approach to product development. We’re very excited to be partnering with Nouveau Beauty, as it means that Lash Artists can get all of the products they need to keep their clients as happy as ever whilst actively reducing the number of deliveries and the amount of packaging needed to get everything their business needs."

Hanna Putjato

Lashpreneur and Founder of London Lash 

Founder of London Lash in the London Lash warehouse

As beauty professionals, you're at the forefront of making people feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous. With this partnership, you'll have even more tools at your disposal to continue doing what you do best!