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Have you already attended a brow lamination course in the past but feel like something is missing and want to expand your skills to be on the leading edge of the lami world?

Or are you a complete beginner and would like to start your #browgoals career using InLei® Brow Bomber?

London Lash is proud to present our long-awaited Brow Bomber course that has been developed together with the iconic brand, InLei® themselves!

What is InLei® Brow Bomber?

  • Revolutionary browlamination treatment including brow tint
  • Gentle, non-drying and non-damaging
  • Brow Bomber 3 solution intensely nourishes and hydrates the brow hairs
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks (a full brow hair cycle!)
  • A long-lasting low maintenance alternative to brow soaps/brow gels  

Why choose this course?

To be the best, you need to learn from the best. InLei® trainers are not only the best trainers in the industry but also the most reputable and experienced brow artists in the UK. Each of our trainers has performed thousands of brow lamination treatments throughout their illustrious careers. The majority of the InLei® training team are well-known judges of lash & brow championships and have been speakers at national and international conferences. 

The InLei® Brow Bomber course not only teaches you the full science behind hair perming but also how to perfect the brow lamination treatment using key tips and tricks. Your trainers will provide full training on everything from brow perming, tinting, colour theory, waxing, shaping and much more. 

Our Group Brow Lamination Courses take place in our London academy in Shoreditch. Classes are kept very small (6 students maximum), which means you get plenty of invaluable one-to-one time with your trainer. London Lash teaching techniques are clear and concise, and each individual student will come away feeling confident and prepared for a career in brow lamination!

The price of the course includes the InLei® Brow Bomber Starter Kit which is worth over £230! The products inside will allow you to perform the treatment on at least 15 customers, with some products lasting even longer. The kit includes 12 full-size products, which gives 15% savings compared to products bought separately.

If you're not ready to pay for your course in full, you can use Klarna or Clearpay to pay for the course in instalments so as to not put any pressure on your financial situation!

On completion of the training you can start offering your clients Brow Bomber/Brow Lamination treatments right away, earning your tuition money back by completing less than 10 treatments!*

*considering the average price of £45-£90 for a Brow Lamination, Tint & Shaping treatment!

Meet our Brow Bomber Trainers:

Karolina Swiderska
Natasha Wills

Contents of the course

Theoretical part:

  • The history of eyebrows
  • All about eyebrows - function, structure, hair types
  • Skin structure & skin types
  • Eyebrow architecture
  • Bleach and colouring of the hair
  • Health and safety
  • Patch testing
  • Hair removal
  • Disinfection & sterilisation
  • Products & tools
  • Brow Bomber treatment procedure
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Aftercare advice
  • Marketing and Business growth tools

Practical part 1- video demonstration

  • Step by step treatment procedure
  • Tips & tricks

Practical part 2 - live model

  • Consultation and choice of the correct timing for each solution, tint colour & brow shape
  • Application of the perming solutions on eyebrows
  • Colouring the eyebrows using InLei® tints
  • Hair removal
  • Tips and tricks to improve speed, quality and efficiency of your brow lamination application


Shoreditch, London EC2A 3BE (full address provided prior to training) If you have any additional questions please contact our customer care team via email on, or via Whatsapp +447940149313

Model Info

Do I need to bring a model?

Ideally yes, it is far easier to work on a friend than a stranger! Please note that you will need to ask your model to arrive at 2.30pm.

If you cannot find a model, please email us at at least 2 weeks before the training and we will find a model for you. This service costs £80, as models are paid for their time. 

Requirements for your model 

Please make sure that your model had Brow Lamination done in the past and didn't experience an allergic reaction or irritation. If they have never had the treatment before, please book an appointment for a patch test at any local beauty salon which provides this treatment (the patch test needs to be done at least 48 hours prior to the course).

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our customer service and book an appointment for a patch test in our Academy. Please note we are normally open 9am till 5.30pm Monday-Friday.


Will I get an InLei® certificate at the end of the training?

Yes, if you successfully demonstrate the ability to perform Brow Lamination treatment, you'll receive your InLei® Brow Lamination certificate on the day of the training. If, for whatever reason, your trainer feels that you could benefit from additional practice, you will be free to practice at home and come back to us to demonstrate your new skill and receive your certificate. 

Cancellation Policy

We have a 7 day cancellation policy which means that you can still cancel or reschedule your course date up to 7 days before your course. If you need to cancel or reschedule your course with fewer days to your course date, London Lash cannot guarantee that we will be able to facilitate your request.


Fee you've paid for the model is non-refundable. 

Additional Information

How long is the Course?

The course starts at 9.30am and finishes at around 6pm. A lunch break is included in the running of the day.

Do I need to bring lunch/snacks?

You're more than welcome to, however lunch will be provided for you.

The provided lunch consists of cold sandwiches, snacks, fruit, tea and coffee.

After you have purchased your place on the course, you will receive an 'application' form via which you can let us know of any dietary requirements that you may have.

When completing the registration form, please remember to mention any particular food preferences and we will do our best to accommodate. 


Do I need to buy a kit?

The price of the course includes  InLei® Brow Bomber Starter Kit which is worth over £230! The products inside will allow you to perform the treatment on at least 15 customers, with some products lasting even longer. The kit includes:

  • InLei® Brow Bomber Lift 1

  • InLei® Brow Bomber Lock 2

  • InLei® Brow Bomber 3 

  • InLei® Tint Developer

  • InLei® Tint Brown

  • InLei® Tint Cappuccino

  • InLei® Brush Picasso

  • InLei® Brush Michelangelo

  • InLei® Solo Bowl

  • InLei® tweezer

  • InLei® Inked Thread 

  • InLei® F Brushes (12pcs)

  • Rose Gold Crystal Pen

  • Kit box

  • Reusable Paper bag


Extra discounts for students

On the day of the training you'll be able to buy any InLei® products with a discount of 30%. You'll also receive a lifetime student discount code of 10% that you can use to buy most of the products on the London Lash website.

Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

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