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Eyebrow Lamination Steps

The most desired brow treatment of the past year has been, without a doubt, brow lamination! Beauty brands are in a race to create the most perfect brow gel or soap to give the effect of laminated brows, but you, as a qualified brow lamination artist, can offer this amazing treatment to your clients that will keep their brows looking bold and bushy forweeks!

Brow Bomber is a revolutionary professional brow lamination treatment, reserved for the eyebrows only, and intended to make the eyebrow hairs obedient, soft, silky and nourished. The treatment itself can have some different names too such as eyebrow lamination or brow perming. Brow Bomber is the perfect addition to any brow lamination kit! 

As every range of products works slightly differently, we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you get the absolute best out of your InLei Brow Bomber treatment each and every time.

 DISCLAIMER: This is a guide how to use Brow Bomber products correctly. Before using the products you MUST be qualified in brow lamination to perform this treatment correctly for your clients.This is a quick summary of each step, and is not to be used as a substitute for the full two day InLei Brow Bomber Course.The products are for a professional use only.

 laminated brows, eyebrow lamination


STEP 1: Prepare the eyebrows 

STEP 2: Applying InLei® "BROW LIFT 1"

  • Apply a uniform layer of InLei® BROW LIFT 1 with a brush.
  • Leave on for the necessary time, based on the thickness of the hair. 
  • As a guide:fine hair 6-8 min / medium hair 8-10 min / thick hair 10-12 min.
  • DO NOT USE CLING FILM - these products are designed to be used without cling film or foil.
  • After the time passes, remove the product with adrycotton pad.

STEP 3: Shaping the eyebrows in the desired directions 

  • Shape the eyebrows with InLei® FIXING GEL and the InLei® F-Brush.
  • Brush the hair into the desired shape and position.

STEP 4: Applying InLei® "BROW LOCK 2" 

  • Apply an even layer of InLei® “BROW LOCK 2” with a brush.
  • Leave on for 5-8 minutes based on the thickness of the hairs (half of the time used for Lift 1 plus 2 minutes). 
  • Remove the product with adampcotton pad.


  • Before applying the tint, rinse the area with Saline pre-treatment to clean and prime the eyebrows.
  • Using InLei® Black Thread, map the eyebrows to create a contour for desired shape.
  • Mix the tint in a 1:1 ratio with Tint Developer in a mixing glass/dappen dish.
  • Apply on brows using a brush - timing:6-12 minutes (the same timing as used for Lift 1). Adjust the timing for stronger/softer effect if needed.
  • To get a three-dimensional ombre effect, we recommend removing the tint from the start of the eyebrows 1-2 minutes earlier than from the rest of the brow.
  • Remove the tint using adamp cotton pad gently to avoid streaking the tint across the skin.


  • Remove the necessary hairs using InLei® Gentle Brow Wax and/or InLei® Brow Tweezers.
  • Clean the area from any leftover hairs and wax residue.

STEP 6: InLei® BROW BOMBER 3 - nourishing the eyebrows

  • Squeeze a pea sized amount of the product from the bottle and with a brush/comb, apply the product to the eyebrows, gently brushing it in between the hairs.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes.
  • Remove the excess (if necessary, for example for oily skin) by dabbing with a tissue.
  • No rinsing is required, the product continues to nourish the hairs after treatment! 

Please note: Misuse of these products can cause serious harm to the skin, the hair itself and the overall image of the eyebrows. Products are for use by trained professionals in eyebrow lamination ONLY.

laminated brows, brow lamination kit


  1. To maintain the perfection of the laminated brows between treatments, we recommend daily use of InLei® FASHION LASH. As it contains a luminescent ingredient from the verbasco flower, InLei® FASHION LASH keeps the hair shiny, nourished, natural and soft to the touch. It can also be used together with makeup.
  2. For lasting results after the Brow Bomber treatment, we recommend daily use of the InLei® Mousse. It gently cleanses the hairs, keeping them clean and smooth. The addition of natural, plant extracts in the InLei® Mousse help to moisturise, protect and nourish the skin and hairs.

How long does brow lamination last?

Brow lamination can last for up to six weeks or potentially a little longer depending on how well you take care of your brows. It is typically recommended that you have your brows laminated again every 6-8 weeks to maintain your beautiful, bushy brows.

How does brow lamination work?

Brow lamination is essentially a form of brow perming - it involves lifting the brow hairs using a solution (such as Brow Bomber) to keep them in place. This helps to create the appearance of fuller brows. 

How much does brow lamination cost?

Laminated brows can cost anywhere between £45-£100, depending on where you are based and who you go to for the procedure. Some brow artists may charge more for the addition of brow tint. 

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