A good consultation process means you will be halfway there to ensuring very happy, satisfied and returning customers. That’s why we recommend spending some real time with the client before the actual treatment to discuss everything and choose the most suitable lash look for them. 

Before you start working you need to find out as much as you can about your client’s lifestyle and her initial expectations. Ask if there is any special occasion or any reason why she has decided to do her eyelashes. Has she had them done previously and if yes, what was her experience like?

It is always a good idea to ask the client to bring some pictures of eyelashes that she likes; it may be the lashes she has seen on her favourite celebrity or on her friend but it will give you some idea of what your client desires.Just remember to remind the client to have realistic expectations!

If the client wants the lashes for everyday wear, a good question to ask is ‘how active are you?’ Many clients run a very active and busy life and one of the reasons for having eyelash extensions may be to save time and look amazing at every occasion. However, they may not be aware that if they use a sauna or a steam room regularly, the extensions may not last as long. So, the consultation is the perfect time to mention this and recommend more frequent infills.

Choosing the right style isn’t as simple as it may sound and it takes years of practice. When choosing the right style you need to take into consideration:

  • The client’s age
  • The client’s eye shape and bone structure
  • The client’s natural lashes

Most of the time clients don’t have any idea what would suit them so it is your responsibility to guide them and give the best advice you can. If your client is keen for a cat eye effect but you can clearly see that her eyes won't support the look, advise that the kitten or squirrel style may suit her best andexplain why.

Always remember that by using a well-informed argument, you will most likely be able to convince them to follow your advice. After all, you have all the knowledge and the experience you need, you just need to find the most effective way to reassure your client of this.Just be confident in what you know! 

Another important step is choosing the colour, especially now that we have a much bigger selection available to suit each individual! You don’t have to stick to black lashes only. In the holiday season, you could recommend coloured lashes. It doesn’t have to be a full set - a small accent of colour in the outer corner could give an amazing effect!

Also, when choosing the curl type always explain why you decided to use that particular one. If the client is not a big fan of strong curls, but you feel like a bit of lift would actually help with the overall look, suggest using a stronger curl on the bottom layers only and fill the top layers with smaller curls to soften the overall look.

As you can see there is quite a lot to discuss before the treatment but by doing so you will save yourself and more importantly, your client a lot of disappointment. So, never neglect the consultation process. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to better connect with your client, and make a great impression. After all, you want her to stay with you for as long as possible!