Introducing Our Brand-New Delivery Subscription Service For Lash Technicians!

Delivery day… It's probably everyone’s favourite and most anticipated day when you’ve done a big online shop and you’ve been waiting all week for your goodies to arrive! But what can you do if you need those lash supplies sooner? Or maybe you’ve forgotten something that you needed on your previous order, so you need to make another one but don’t want to have to fork out for more delivery fees? Well, you’ve asked for it, so we’ve delivered (literally!). We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Diamond Delivery Subscription!  

Free next day delivery

What Does a Diamond Delivery Subscription Include?

For just £14.99 for 12 months, you can get unlimited free standard delivery on all of your orders over £25, and when you spend £45 you can qualify for free next working day delivery! If you want to find out more about some of the benefits you’ll receive with our Diamond Delivery Service, then read on! 

Quick Delivery Time to Stock Up Last Minute Lash Supplies

The next-day delivery option is perfect for those days you’ve been lashing non-stop, have barely had enough time to even make a cup of tea, and finish up just to realise you’re running low on your most popular products! This is why we have introduced our Diamond Delivery Subscription. We know how busy it can be as a Lash Tech, working back to back, especially in summer when a lot of your clients might be jetting off on holiday! Well, don’t stress! If you’ve signed up for our Diamond Delivery service, then all you need to do is place your order, make sure it totals over £45 to ensure you qualify for next working day delivery, and tomorrow you’ll be able to get back to business as usual.

Pretreatment products to cleanse natural lashes before applying eyelash extensions

Easily Replace Your Lash Products

We know that it’s a Lash Artist’s worst nightmare when you’re about to dispense your lash glue drop at the beginning of your treatment, and you realise it’s just not behaving how it should be! This could be due to a change in your beauty room’s conditions, or it might just be time to change out your lash glue for a new one. The good news is, if you order your replacement eyelash glue using our new delivery service, you should be able to get it the next working day when you spend over £45, and you’ll be back to lashing in no time! And if you ever find yourself in a similar situation where your favourite pair of Volume Lash Tweezers have been damaged, we’ve also got you covered with our Accidental Damage Replacement Policy!

Collection of eye lash glue for Lash Artists

London Lash’s Deliveries Are Carbon Neutral!

If you’re someone who is always looking out for ways to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly (we know we are!), then you’ll be pleased to know that London Lash’s deliveries are Carbon Neutral! In order for us to make our deliveries carbon neutral, we’ve installed a handy Shopify app which helps us to calculate the carbon emissions from each individual order each month. It also puts our monthly donation towards projects which take carbon out of the air and store it, ready to be used later! If you’d like to find out more about what else we have done to help improve our sustainability as a business, and how you can improve your own, you can check out our blog post for more information. 

Improving sustainability to be environmentally friendly

Stock Up on Lashes and Stay on Trend

Have you ever had a client come in requesting the newest lash trend that they’ve seen on their TikTok or Instagram feed, and you’ve realised with dread that you just don’t have the right lashes for it? Making sure that you have a full supply of eyelash extensions in different lengths, thicknesses, curls and even colours available to your customers, is one the most important ways to help yourself stay ahead of any trends. If you stay well-stocked, then you won’t be caught out when your client comes in requesting the newest lash trend. Luckily for you, if you’ve signed up for our quick and handy delivery service, you’ll be able to get those lashes you need for the next working day if you’ve spent £45 or more!

Volume lashes and Classic lash extensions with lash tweezers

So there you have it! Just some of the many reasons why our new Diamond Delivery Subscription will not only help you to save time and money on your orders but hopefully some stress too! You can check out our blog here to find out more about our tips and tricks for helping you to make sure you stay stocked up and make ordering your lash supplies a breeze!