How Can Your Client Look After Their Lashes On Holiday? Part 2 | Cold Weather Holidays

In the previous part of this duet, we gave you our best advice for your clients to protect their lashes while on holiday at a destination with sun, sea and beaches. But what about your clients who prefer a cooler climate for their cabin getaway, or love to go skiing? Those colder temperatures and lower humidity can wreak absolute havoc on your client’s skin and hair, not to mention their lash extensions! But don’t fret! We’ve put together some helpful advice you can give to your clients that will help them to protect their lashes against the cold. 

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How Can Your Client Prep For Their Holiday? 


If your client is looking to get a fresh set of lashes done for their holiday, then you should advise them when booking their appointment to schedule it for at least 48 hours before they depart. This may sound a bit repetitive, but protecting those lash extensions for the first 24 hours after treatment is crucial for their retention and needs to be reinforced! That 24 hour period is the most important time for your client’s lash extension bonds to remain undisturbed and intact to ensure longevity. 

Another option you could advise your clients of, is to have a break from lash extensions while they’re away. However, we know this can be quite difficult for the lash addicts out there who want to be photo ready at any moment!

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What Should Your Client Avoid on Holiday?

As we mentioned in our tips for looking after lashes with hot weather, exposing your eyelashes to extreme temperatures, is a major no-no for their lash extensions. While relaxing in a sauna or hot tub at the end of a day spent out in the cold may feel like a luxurious treat, the steam that’s produced can do a number on those lash extensions. The combination of intense moisture and heat can be harmful for the lash bonds, and prolonged exposure could even lead to premature shedding! Another thing for your clients to be mindful of is how close they have their face to heat sources. Whether it be chilling by a campfire, or even blow drying their hair more often since it takes longer to dry in a colder climate, these situations are not only harsh on your client’s lash extensions, but they’re not great for your skin either!

Since your client may be experiencing drier skin than normal due to the lower temperatures and humidity, they might try to overcompensate for this by using an oily moisturiser. As we’ve mentioned before, oils are one of the biggest enemies of eyelash extensions. It can loosen the lash extension bonds and cause lashes to fall out. So it’s best to advise your client to use a face moisturiser that isn’t oil based. However, if your client absolutely insists on using an oily cleanser, then they need to be extra careful not to apply it too close to their lashes. 

What Should Your Client Be Doing on Holiday?

Keeping their lashes moisturised is critical for your client’s lash retention! With the lashes being exposed to colder temperatures and a lower humidity level, the lashes and their bonds can become brittle which leaves them weaker. Cleaning the lashes twice a day with a lash brush and lash shampoo, as well as using a specially formulated lash conditioner, is a great routine for your client to get into. This will ensure their lashes are clean and healthy, and the adhesive of their extensions stay strongly bonded to the natural lashes.

Another important aftercare tip you should encourage your clients to follow, is brushing their lashes once a day with a silicone mascara wand. Although they should hopefully be doing so already, it doesn’t hurt to emphasise that this will keep the lashes from getting tangled and help them look their best.

We know when we’re on holiday that our diets can go out the window with it being the perfect time to indulge in good food and maybe some holiday beverages. Since keeping track of what fruit and veg they eat probably won’t be much of a priority while your client is away and living their best life, it would be a good idea to remind them about taking vitamins and supplements as an alternative for maintaining the health of their skin, nails, hair, and overall well being. Those vitamins and minerals are also very important for keeping the eyelashes healthy. Vitamins B, D, and E are great for hair and skin, and silica is beneficial for hair growth. 

Our final tip about lash extensions care on holiday, is for those who love to hit the ski slopes. Skiing means having to wear protective gear to shield your eyes from the wind and snow, but you’ll also need a pair that doesn’t interfere with your lash extensions. When your client is choosing their ski goggles for their holiday, they should select a slightly bigger frame with spherical lenses to accommodate the length and volume of their lashes. 

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The Dreaded Shed!

When your client hears the word ‘shedding’, they may feel panic take over, so it’s important to educate your clients about lash shedding. Experiencing changes in their environment can slightly increase the amount of lashes being shed, such as travelling from a warmer climate to a colder one, but shedding is healthy and normal! It’s a good sign for natural lashes to shed when they are ready. This means the natural hair growth cycle of the lashes are continuing, which helps their lashes to remain healthy. Losing between 2 and 6 eyelashes a day is normal. However, if your client finds they are losing more than that daily, then it may be a result of them not using a correct and effective aftercare routine for their lashes. Alternatively, if your client’s eyes feel itchy or have become red and watery, they may be neglecting their lash cleansing or having an allergic reaction. In which case, seeking professional advice from a doctor is recommended.

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Now your clients will have all the advice they need to help them look after their lashes whatever the weather! This prevents you from having wasted your time creating a beautiful set, only for them to fall out prematurely, and saves your client from coming in for infills more often than they need to.