Sunshine & Lashes: How To Maintain Perfect Lash Extensions In The Summer

While we love the summer months for their warmer weather and bright sunny days, some of your clients may find that their lash extensions aren’t lasting as long as they usually do. Well, this is because the heat and sun that we love so much, is having a negative impact on the retention of your client’s lashes, and requires different maintenance to handle the summer heat. So we’ve compiled our top 5 tips that you can pass on to your clients to help them protect their lash extensions better and keep them looking their best this summer. 

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Why Do Eyelash Extensions Need Extra TLC in Summer?

During the summer our hair (and lashes) tend to grow a bit faster than in the cooler months. As a result of this, your client may find that their lash extensions aren’t lasting as long because the natural lashes are growing out quicker. They may start to look a little messier too. Another factor to consider when it comes to eyelash extension retention in summer, is the fact that due to the humid and hotter weather conditions, we will be sweating more. Our eyelids are one of the most naturally oily parts of our body, so during summer, the oils within our sweat will have an impact on the lash glue bonds and cause them to break down quicker. This means that your client will require infills more regularly to keep those lashes looking full and gorgeous.

Steer Clear of Direct Heat

As we previously mentioned, exposing lash extensions to direct heat is a big no no when it comes to maintaining good retention and the appearance of the lashes. When the lash extensions are in a close proximity to direct sources of heat such as a hairdryer, barbeque or campfire, this leaves the lashes at risk of the heat causing their curls to “relax” and lose their shape. Even worse, they could singe or melt the synthetic lash extensions, and make them appear clumpy when they have cooled down. This could even result in damage being caused to the natural lashes as well! 

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Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

We’re sure you must get this question from your clients all the time: ‘Can I go swimming with lash extensions?’ The short answer is yes, they can go swimming with lashes on. However, they also do need to keep in mind that the chlorine within swimming pools and the salt content of sea water can have an adverse effect on the retention of their eyelash extensions if they don’t take these extra steps to care for them afterwards. Leaving water from the sea or pool water on lash extensions without washing it off will break down the bonds of the lash glue and in turn cause premature shedding. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that your clients rinse their lashes with fresh water post-swim, and then comb through them with a Lash Wand, or pat them dry to remove excess water.

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Avoid Using Oily Products At ALL COSTS!

Eyelash extensions absolutely hate oil. It soaks into the natural lashes and can make bonding with the lash glue and lash extensions really tricky when it comes to treatment. Post-treatment, the oils will break down the previously formed lash glue bonds, which will lead to premature lash shedding and poor retention. While we agree using sunscreen is very important for your clients to protect their skin, you also need to make sure that they are aware that many brands of sunscreen contain oils. So your clients need to make sure they are investing in an oil-free sunscreen if they want to protect their skin AND lashes. Another factor they need to consider when choosing their sunscreen, is to avoid any spray on products as this puts the lashes at risk of sticking together. We recommend using an oil-free sunscreen cream instead, and taking great care to avoid the eye areas. 

Your client should also avoid using makeup products with oils in them such as gel or pot eyeliners and waterproof mascara. The oils within these products are another way to cause the breakdown of the lash glue bonds and using mascara on their lash extensions will not only ruin all the effort you put into the placement of each individual lash extension, but will also be harder to remove and means extra force will be needed to remove the old makeup residue and could cause the lash extensions to fall out! 

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Keep Those Lashes Clean and Healthy

While your clients having a proper aftercare routine for their lash extensions is essential for maintaining the best retention and health of their lashes, this is absolutely crucial during the hot and humid summer months. We recommend that your clients are cleaning their eyelashes twice a day with a specially formulated Eyelash Shampoo and Eyelash Brush to keep all the dirt, sweat, and oils at bay, whilst also preventing the lash follicles from getting clogged and causing their eyes to feel itchy. If your client needs to remove their makeup, they should use a cotton tip (the non-fluffy kind!) dipped in makeup remover to clean any eyeliner or eyeshadow off very gently, while working AWAY from the lashes. Follow up the makeup removal with washing the lash extensions. Makeup wipes/cotton pads are not suitable for use around eyelash extensions as the fibres can snag. Another lash aftercare tip you should give your clients to help them to keep their lash extensions looking great, is to brush their eyelashes with a Lash Wand, to avoid them getting tangled and maintaining their original placement. 

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We hope that you and your clients have found these tips useful for a better understanding of how your clients can look after their precious lash extensions, and protect your hard work. May your clients live their best lash lives this summer!