Flexie glue/adhesive

Please note that the maximum purchase of glue per order is 30 pieces. If you would like to order in a bulk please contact our wholesale team on sales@londonlashpro.com. Please know that all online orders with over 30 pieces of glue will be canceled automatically.


  • 'elastic' texture that coats the extension and natural lash with a smooth, honey-like layer
  • the velvety consistency that allows you to pick the ideal amount of glue
  • extremely fast-drying - NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATE lash technicians who performed less than 1000-1500 lash sets.

We highly recommend you to try a sample first before purchasing the full-size glue bottle.*

*Adhesive in a sample-sized bottle can only be used for up to one week since it has been opened. 


Incorrect work with fast-drying adhesive can cause poor retention.

High temperature OR/AND high humidity causes adhesive to polymerize even faster, which can cause even more retention issues. 

The best temperature for Flexie glue 20-22°C

The best humidity 40-70%

For best results and to avoid nozzle getting blocked:

- store your lash adhesive horizontally in Airtight container, wooden drawer or in a cool, dry place

- when shaking the glue remove the lid and cover the nozzle with tin foil or wax strip

- wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue


 If you notice that your retention is not perfect:

  1. decrease the level of humidity in the room (dehumidifier, air-con)
  2. decrease the level of temperature in the room (air-con, fan)
  3. switch to slightly slower drying adhesive (Lady Bond, Velvet)
  4. check if you clean natural lashes properly - we recommend using EITHER Lash Foam cleanser (rinse well with clean water before lash application!) OR protein remover (removes traces of makeup) PLUS cleanser (removes oils) PLUS primer (hydrates and neutralizes PH level)

This product is:

- Latex-free

- Formaldehyde-free

- Paraben-free

- Oil resistant 

- Water-resistant 

- Heat resistant

This product has:

- Strong flexible bond

- Excellent retention


The shelf life of Flexie before opening is 6 months from the date of production. This can be found printed on the bottom of the bottle. After opening, we recommend changing your glue every 8 weeks.


MSDS for Flexie Glue is available to download here

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