It’s Festival Season! Get Those Lashes Festival Ready

Festival season is finally upon us, and it’s time to say hello to vibrant colours, face gems, and finding glitter in strange places for the foreseeable future! However, there is a more permanent accessory you can create for your clients that will also compliment their festival outfits… a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions. Festivals are an excellent excuse for your clients to try out a daring and bold lash look, and give you the chance to get really creative with the unique lash sets you could design for each one. Though if you’re struggling with where to begin with all the endless possibilities out there, we’ve compiled a list of our fave lash extension looks that will be turning heads left and right this summer! 

 People wearing festival outfits at a festival

Glitter Lash Extensions

Glitter eyelash extensions are a great way for you to add some stunning sparkle to your client’s lash line. This style of eyelash extensions is excellent for those clients who like to have a bit of glitz and glamour when it comes to their festival outfits. You can also tailor this lash look to suit how daring or subtle your client would like their eyelashes to be. To create a more understated set of glitter eyelashes, you could add 3 or 4 glitter lashes in the same colour, or multiple colours, to the outer edge of the eye for a dazzling pop of colour. When these eyelashes catch the light, everyone will see the twinkle in your client’s eye. However, for those who want to stand out from the crowd, placing the glitter lashes as intermittent spikes throughout the lash line will leave your client with a brilliant set of lash extensions. You can check out our blog to find out how you can create your very own bespoke glitter eyelash extensions with biodegradable glitter.

 Glitter eyelash extensions and festival outfit

Mermaid Eyelash Extensions

This lash look is inspired by the cool and colourful tones of the sea and uses a blue, green, and purple colour palette to create a flawless festival lash set. To create your own mermaid eyelash extensions, we recommend creating a beautiful top lash line layer of ombre eyelash extensions with a gradual gradient of colours in the same tone for a seamless finish. If your client would like to add an extra touch of shimmer to their lashes, you could even incorporate some of our silver-coloured lashes into the ombre as an amazing accent for your mermaid-inspired lash extensions. 


Wispy Feather Eyelashes  

Wispy feather eyelash extensions make a beautiful accent for your clients who prefer more boho festival outfits, or a generally softer overall appearance. In order for you to create wispy feather lash extensions, you’ll need to apply them in a style similar to Hybrid lash extensions. We’ve found that using this style of lashes will help you to create the best set of vibrant and fluffy lashes for your client. Hybrid lashes are perfect for those who have sparser sections within their lash lines, or just have naturally thin eyelashes. You can add coloured eyelash extension fans to the areas where the natural lashes are less thick. Or, use the single lash extensions to incorporate a more subtle pop of colour into your client’s set of lashes. These single eyelash extensions will be used in the denser parts of the natural lash line, or to create length where the eyelashes are shorter. We have a wide range of coloured eyelash extensions that your client can choose from, so they’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to what colours or combinations they could have! 

 Close-up of spiky coloured lashes

Rainbow Lashes!

This style of eyelash extensions is definitely not for the faint of heart! Rainbow lash extensions are perfect for the most daring of your clients who love being bold and expressing themselves freely. For this vibrant lash set, you’ll need red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, and blue lash extensions to achieve the full rainbow effect. When it comes to mapping these lashes, we recommend using intermittent spikes throughout the lash line for a softer and wispier look. However, for those clients who want to go all out, you’ll want to create an ombre effect with the coloured lashes, similar to what we mentioned earlier. We would recommend the lighter shades be placed in the bottom lash line, with the darker ones spread out throughout the middle and top layers to make your rainbow really stand out. First, you’re going to start with red in the inner corners of the eyes, and then continue to create a gradient towards the outer corner of the eye using the other shades to form a seamless rainbow.

 Collection of coloured lash extensions

So there you have it, our fave lash looks that are perfect for your clients and their festival outfits this summer. We hope you found this blog helpful in giving you a place to start when you go to create your own festival lash extensions. If you want to find out how to map coloured lashes in more detail, then you can also check out our blog here.