The Lowdown On Mapping One Of The Most Popular Lash Styles: Kim K!

The enduring allure of wispy eyelashes is undeniable, marking their arrival years ago as a trend that has since cemented its place in the beauty world. European Lash Artists first embraced the Kim K lash style, characterised by its bold and dramatic appeal, catering to clients enamoured with the iconic spiky lash look sported by the star. And now, it's making a resurgence. But why the comeback?

Mapping Kim K Lash Styles

Background Into Kim K Lashes

A timeless look never truly fades away. While clean, natural aesthetics may dominate the current trends, our clients have always dared to opt for something bolder. Delving into the background of Kim K lashes reveals an interesting evolution. Initially, in Europe, the emphasis was on a meticulously even top line, a standard rejected by US Lash Technicians who favoured a wispier application. However, inspired by Kim Kardashian's sought-after lashes, clients began to lean towards a more textured, wispy look, blending European and American ideals into what we now recognise as the Kim K lash style.

Applying Kim K lashes offers versatility, as they can be adapted to suit various eye shapes and preferences. However, attention to detail is key, particularly regarding the length of the lashes to avoid discomfort. The influence of these trendy lashes extends beyond the Kim K style, with sets like Manga Lashes gaining popularity as an offshoot, utilising spikes to make a statement.

Creating Kim K Lashes

When mapping out the classic Kim K lash set, two approaches can be taken. Utilising Premade Lash Spikes alongside Flat Lashes creates a bold, Wet Look effect with prominent spikes. Alternatively, for a subtler look, combining different lash thicknesses achieves a light and wispy appearance, maintaining the essence of Kim K lashes.

For a voluminous Kim K-inspired look, texture is paramount. This time around, achieving those stunning Kim K lashes is easier than ever with our range of Premade Lashes, streamlining the process and allowing clients to enjoy the bold look without spending excessive time in the lash bed. Layering lashes and incorporating spikes at consistent intervals create a dynamic top line, while mixing fan types and thicknesses enhances the overall effect. Utilising Premade Fans streamlines the process, making the creation of Kim K lashes both efficient and stress-free.

Kim K Style Lash Map
Creating Kim K lashes has never been more accessible. With the aid of Premades, Lash Artists can effortlessly achieve the iconic look, allowing for creativity and experimentation in lash mapping. Founder of London Lash Pro Hanna Putjato is here to give you the full breakdown of just how you can recreate Kim K style lashes for you clients - with full credit to London Lash Manchester