Lash Mapping For The Perfect Squirrel Style Lash Extensions


Lash maps are vital to your lashing career - that may sound dramatic but it’s true! They keep your lash sets looking lovely and even across both eyes, they prevent big steps between the lengths and they tailor each of your lash sets to suit the individual client, so that everyone who visits your beauty salon leaves looking and feeling their absolute best! 

A Squirrel style is, arguably, the most important lash map that you can learn - we’ll go over exactly what’s so great about it once we know exactly how to map a Squirrel lash set. 

Lash mapping for Squirrel lashes

How to Map A Squirrel Lash Extension Set

Start by marking the inner and outer lashes, and then make a mark in the centre of the eye. 

Lash mapping Squirrel Style eyelash ectensions

Next, make a mark half way between the centre line, and the outer corner lash - this is the section where your longest lash extensions will go.


Squirrel Style Lash Mapping for Lash Technicians

Now that you have marked your longest segment, split the last section in half again, and then separate those sections into equal parts too - this is to help keep your top line looking nice and smooth! 


Lash Mapping for Squirrel lashes


Now just map out your lengths from your longest lash extension length down 1mm each time until you reach the final section.


Lash Mapping Squirrel lashes for Lash Techs

If you prefer, you can drop down more lengths than four - ultimately we need to make sure we’re keeping the natural lashes happy and healthy, so it’s always worth having as short of an eyelash extension as possible on the inner and outer corners especially, as they tend to be shorter and finer here.


Squirrel style eyelash extensions lash map


Once you’ve mapped from the middle to the outer corners, map towards the inner corners in slightly larger sections than in the outer corners - again, you may wish to use more lash extension lengths than this, just see how many natural lashes your client has, and how obvious an arch you’re looking to create and decide then how many lengths you’ll use from there. The more eyelash extension lengths used, the more obvious an arch you’ll have.


lash mapping for beginners

Who Are Squirrel Style Lashes For?

A Squirrel style lash map follows the brow arch and is quite similar to the growth of the client's natural lashes, which means that, unlike Dolly Style or Cat Style, it’s quite a universal lash map which will suit the vast majority of clients! 

Let’s say your client really wants a Cat Style but you know it will give them a sad appearance due to the shape of the eyes, or their eyes are quite far apart so it won’t complement them well - a Squirrel style will be a great option! 


We hope you have found this guide helpful for creating the perfect set of Squirrel style eyelash extensions for your clients. If you would like to download some free lash maps, or would like to know how to choose the best style of lashes to suit your client, you can find out more in our blog post here.