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What kind of tape do you use for eyelash extensions? How do you keep bottom lashes down?

Foam tape is the most COST EFFECTIVE eyepatch solution loved by thousands of lash technicians all around the world. It's cheaper than even the CHEAPEST eye pads for eyelash extensions! 5 meters of Microfoam Tape will allow you to create:

  • 80 lash sets (£0.08/$0.10/€0.10 per set!) from the 2.5cm wide tape roll
  • 160 lash sets (£0.08/$0.10/€0.10 per set!) from the 5cm wide tape roll

Why use foam tape for eyelash extensions?

You can use the foam tape for ANY client, however, it’s an absolute “must-have” for those clients who:

  • are allergic to the gel of eyepatches
  • have oily skin (foam tap has excellent “staying in one place” ability)
  • have bulbous eyes OR struggle to keep their eyes tightly closed during treatment - the thicker foam helps to keep the fumes away from the eyes
  • like to talk during the treatment and, as a result, their eyes are constantly shaking. 
  • have sensitive watery eyes 
Looking for normal tapes to use during your eyelash extensions treatments? Check out our other types of tape: 3M micropore tape and Dynarex paper surgical tape 

How to use

2.5 cm wide tape roll:

  • Disinfect your scissors
  • Cut off the amount of tape needed to cover bottom lashes (around 1.3 inches / 3 cm per eye)
  • If needed, cut a curve on the foam tape to suit your client’s eye shape
  • Attach first to the back of your hand and peel away to remove some of the stickiness (after washing and sanitising your hands, of course!) 
  • Tape down the bottom lashes and draw on your lash map!

5 cm wide tape roll:

  • Disinfect your scissors
  • Cut a curve on the foam tape to suit your client’s eye shape
  • Stick to the back of your clean hand to remove some stickiness from the foam tape
  • Tape down client’s bottom lashes 
  • Draw on your lash map and away you go! 


LONDON LASH EXPERTS’ TOP TIP! When you are done with the tape, ensure that it is stored in its box to keep it clean and fresh.

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