How To Pick The Best Eyelash Tweezers For Lash Technicians

Picking the best lash tweezers for you pretty much comes down to personal choice, which is why there are so many different shapes - but that doesn’t mean we’re not here to help you make a slightly more informed decision! 

Lash tweezers for eyelash extension isolation


Eyelash Tweezers for Isolation and Classic Lashes

Tweezers for isolation and picking up Classic eyelash extensions are kind of interchangeable, and a lot of the time will simply come down to the eyelash tweezers that you’re given on your first ever lash extension course. Some Lash Technicians might use straight lash tweezers to isolate eyelashes because that was the only shape available when they did their lash extension course and that's whet they've become used to, while other Lash Techs may use angled or curved isolation tweezers because it made their wrists much happier and felt like a more neutral position. 

Tweezers picking up Classic eyelash extensions

So, for isolation you have a choice between Straight Isolation, Pointed Isolation, Angled Isolation or Curved Isolation, depending on which makes your wrists happiest. 

For picking up classic lash extensions, you have all above options, PLUS the multifunctional tweezers - these are always great to have in your tweezers collection anyway because they pick up classic lashes, Russian Volume lashes, and they’re really great for working with easy fan lashes! There’s also no real reason you can’t isolate with them, if you’re in a pinch! 

Tweezers for Volume Lashes

So you’ve found your favourite isolation tweezers and you’re having no issues with picking up Classic eyelash extensions -  now you need some for volume lashes. 

Aside from the Multifunctional Tweezers we’ve spoken about a little bit above, you have two main options when it comes to tweezers for Russian Volume lashes- Regular Volume Tweezers, and Fine Tipped Volume Tweezers.

Close-up of lash tweezers picking up lash extensions


Why these? Tweezers crafted specifically for Russian volume techniques are made with the sole purpose of creating and picking up a volume lash fan - they’re a bit sturdier, with a better grip so that you don’t lose your lash fan when you pick it up from the lash strip. As a little side note - they’re also hand tested in-house by our award winning lash technicians to make sure they’re perfect for you. 

Can You Use Curved Tweezers to Make Volume Lash Fans? 

Technically yes, there’s nothing stopping you but keep in mind that they’re not as sturdy because they’re only really for holding apart the natural lashes, or for picking up one Classic lash extension. If you find that curved tweezers work well for you, that’s great, but don’t be surprised if they don’t last as long, or if you always lose a lash or two when you pick the lash fan up. 

Are ALL London Lash Tweezers Hand Tested? 

All eyelash tweezers which can pick up lash fans are tested to make sure they can do what they are supposed to. Any that don’t, get sent back to the factory to be recycled. Any lash tweezers that aren’t destined for fan making are visually checked to make sure they’re up to standard aesthetically, and to make sure nothing happened to the tips during transit - no-one likes a wiggly tip! 

What Happens if I Get Lash Glue on My Tweezer Tips? Are They Ruined? 

Nope! Because they’re made from medical grade stainless steel you can clean them easily with our glue remover for tweezers, which come complete with little sponge balls to help get the eyelash glue off of the tips!