Create The Best Instagram Photography: Lash Business Tips

As a Lash Artist, it is important to know that your business is dependant on marketing and promotion. One of the best ways to get your name out there is to create an Instagram page which is accessible to so many potential clients. Creating the best Insta worthy content is a great way to stand out from your competition and be seen as a reputable and potential Lash Artist for those clients who are in search of the best.

Capturing Content

Before we show you our in depth video guide on capturing Instagram content, you need to be well prepared for having the perfect set up. In doing so, you guarantee professional quality images and videos which will show off the best of your hard work. Every Lash Tech is in need of beauty lighting, and what better choice than Glamcor Beauty Lighting? For media capturing capabilities, we encourage investing in Glamcor Capture, Glamcor Multimedia or the brand new Glamcor Horizon. With an attachable phone holder and adjustable lighting, these beauty LED lights will capture the best possible content for your social media.

Glamcor Multimedia X Content Creation Beauty Lamp

Pair your smartphone with the innovative Clip On Lens, which acts as the perfect photo camera accessory to capture clear and professional imagery and video content. No longer will you have to zoom in, pixelate or compromise the quality of your content when you have this handy gadget on standby.

Check out our in depth video below on capturing amazing social media content:

To spruce up your surroundings and make sure your images or videos look professional and chic, check out our blog post on Salon Decor Tips. Making sure your content stands out and your background is clean and tidy is paramount. Follow our tips and be sure to capture the best lash set worthy of a double tap.

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